dinsdag 26 januari 2016


Hello Everybody!

Wow I must say I am very late at making this post, but better late than never right?

HYPER is organizing a new event called Shibuya Party, and it will be held at the 6th of February! That is in less than 2 weeks allready!!! I'm stressing out about a whole bunch of things we still have to do but i'm also very excited and can't wait!

For all of those that are interested in coming I suggest that you're quick in getting a ticket; cause theyre almost sold out!

What can you expect?! 

Ofcourse, a party! Neodash Zerox will be providing us with awesome tunes to dance to. There will be Para Para performances but also a game called Para Para Paradise sponsored by Formula Cosplay.
And a party isn't complete without Karaoke right? Right! Ofcourse we have karaoke where you can sing your heart out to songs from Abba and the Spice Girls (you really don't need any artists to make a karaoke party great :D).
And something a lot of you have been waiting for, a Suji Mori workshop by Charlotte and Me! We will transform the luscious locks from one of our members into a big ol' suji mori! Are you excited for this yet?
And to top it all off, we will have a LIVE award show for the Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2016! Eventhough I totally forgot to spam it on my blog, the winners of this award show will be presented during the Shibuya Party, and live streamed to youtube in case you unfortunately won't be able to make it! We will present the winners in each category, and we're really excited about this!

But a real party isn't complete without food and drinks! We did our best and came up with a delicious cocktail menu where you only pay 2 euros for a cocktail and 1 euro for a shot! Doesn't that sound like a party on it's own? ;)

I really hope I was able to convince some of you to come because I am really excited and I know it will be a great party! Get your ticket at our website here: http://www.hyper-gyarusa.com/events/shibuya-party/

Would you like to check more updates? Check our event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/857201087728142/


dinsdag 5 januari 2016

Purple x Gold Gyaru Make-up Tutorial and Lensflavors Review

Hello Everybody!

 First of, I want to wish you all a very happy new year! How were your new years celebrations? Did you make any resolutions? I have a few but since I know I'm hard at keeping them I will tell you at the end of the year if I failed them or not! ;D

Now lets get on with the actual reason I made this post! A long while back I've been asked by Lensflavors to write a review for them. And I must say that I am more than ashamed of myself that it took so incredibly long. Every time something came up and I can make a bunch of excuses but I am just way overdue with this review! But, better late than never they say right? To make it up I decided to do a more elaborate review by turning it into a make-up tutorial! It's been a while since I did these for anything other than Gal VIP so lets hope you like it!

Click to enlarge!

So now on to a quick review on the actual lenses!

Design/ Color 5/5
I looove the design of these lenses! They are very opaque and the purple colour is very intense! I wouldn't recommend these lenses if you are going for a natural look. But that wasn't the case for me when I picked these! One of the reason I picked these was for my Nona Ginta cosplay. Since these give you a very 'fake' and cartoonish effect I thought they'd be perfect, and they are!

Comfort 4/5
Even though these are pretty comfortable, after a while your eyes really do dry out a bit. Since the lens is so opaque my guess is there is a little less air coming through. I can certainly wear them for a couple of hours but I wouldn't go clubbing with them haha.

Enlargement 5/5
The enlargement of these is great! The thick black rim always makes your eyes super dolly and look rather 'full'. Great for a dolly look!

Here are two more pictures!

Left: Daylight - Right: Flash
Overall I really do love these lenses and I love how they work with a bolder Gyaru make-up look!

I know that all the other colors in this range are very vivid as well! You can get them all at Lensflavors, they have free shipping on all the lenses! Get the violet ones here! And let me know if you like these or not ^^

donderdag 24 december 2015

Bday Blogpost!

Hello Everybody!

So today I will do a little write-up about my birthday party! I tend not to want to celebrate my birthday, but when I do I usually go all out because I just love decorating the place and feeding people until they can roll out of the house. And since I turned 25 (yes I'm getting old haha) I decided to throw a birthday party anyway. And since I can't decorate without a proper theme the theme was Candy Wonderland! Yes, 25 years old and Candy was the theme for my party. You're never too old for candy right? And besides from this point on I'll only get closer to 30 ~,~' Of course a lot of preparations had to be done! I bought a lot a lot and I mean a lot of candy. I got some nice candy themed balloons from ebay and of course food!

After making all of the preparations and having done all of the shopping it was time to bake, cook and decorate! I decided to scroll a bit through facebook and get some ideas on what to make for my birthday, as I would be visiting my mom and grandparents in the morning, and have the actual party later on. I decided to bake the following for the morning; White Chocolate Baileys Fudge, a no bake Oreo Cheesecake and some delicious Coconut Macaroons! And for the party I decided to make my first ever jello shots. A batch of rather basic cherry jello shots, and some self invented baileys chocolate pudding shots!

And after that it was time to decorate! I couldn't wait to turn the house into a pink candy paradise! The balloons I had ordered arrived weeks in advance so I was finally able to use them. Which was a bit tricky at first but it worked! And I got to set up all the candy I bought, including the cotton candy maker I got from my boyfriend as a present!

And ofcourse what is a birthday party without an awesome birthday outfit? I decided that for this day I would become the Donut Queen! Which isn't officially a candy I guess but it sure is super sweet! A few weeks bag I found an awesome donut fabric at a market and made a skirt out of it. At that point I didn't have it in mind for my birthday yet but as soon as I figured out the theme for my birthday I of course had to wear it. I made a cute donut necklace to match with it, I even had some donut socks laying around tying the whole look together. And what is a Donut Queen without a crown you may ask? Well I fixed that by making a huuuge bow with lights in it!

As soon as I finished the final preparations, made some quick selfies the first guests already started to come by! And it was probably right at that moment where I got too busy to even think about making pictures or anything so there is not a whole lot of documentation of the night. But the most important thing is I had a lot of fun! There was food, the jello-shots were great, everybody looked amazing especially the gals and guys that dressed up in candy theme! I still have soooo much candy left it is insane. I believe people ate their fair share of candy but still I have enough left to throw another 3 birthday parties haha! I'm sad the night had to come to an end and that people had to go home, but luckily I did finally took out my Instax camera and made some cool shots to keep as memories!

And as if this night wasn't great enough yet, I got soooo many awesome presents! I love how everybody made such a huge effort for this! All the presents were so awesomely wrapped and everything look like it was picked out to be exactly what I love! But the most important thing for me is that all my friends were there, presents or not. Because what is a birthday if you can't share it with the people you love? Thanks everybody!

donderdag 26 november 2015

Promoting Osharecon @ Nishicon 2015!

Good evening everybody! 

You may have seen a post similar to this one on Charlotte's blog, but I was there too and since I am trying to grab every opportunity I have to write a little blog post, I'll write one too! But it will mostly be me spamming pictures though haha.

So as some of you might now we are working on Osharecon 2016! This year ended up being a succes and we got a lot of requests to return next year, so who are we to keep the fans waiting? ;) Jk Jk~ This time Do is putting in more than most of the effort and worked on some pretty great deals to make the next edition amazing! And we try to support her in the little ways we can~ Be sure to check the site and Facebook page to keep up to date on what's happening in the upcoming edition!

To promote Osharecon we got ourselves a table in the Dealerroom of Nishicon. And for the occasion I made signs people could take pictures with to represent their district! Unfortunately not a lot of people got their pictures taken but Im still happy a few did! Check out all of those picture HERE!

The theme of this year was Heroes and Villains, and my first idea had to do with a cool and crazy Shironuri outfit. But unfortunately I didn't have enough time to make it happen and I don't want my first try to be a complete failure, so that outfit will have to happen at another time~ So I tried to go for a Gyaru version of Cruella! But unfortunately that failed too so I basically looked like a regular Onee Gal or a more mature version of Agejo~ But I ended up being pretty content with it!

Okay lets quit all the talking and show you what you came for, pictures!

Here was my look of the day with the I LOVE SHIBUYA sign, and together with Charlotte in her awesome Maleficent inspired outfit!

I love how our booth always looks stylish, sparkly and purple!
On Saturday I saw a lot of friends and that is what always makes me happy about conventions! You don't see each other often because of distances, but events like this always seem to bring lots of people together! It's great fun talking to everybody and everyone I talked to seemed to be super excited about the con! Let me show you some more pictures I took with the signs!

Here you can see a little bit more of my outfit and how I don't look much like Cruella haha

With Charlotte again! I wonder why I didn't take a pic with Do xD We were waiting for someone 
to take a picture of the 3 of us but kept forgetting to ask whaha.

You can find all of the other pictures taken on the Osharecon Facebook page here! So many cute people took pictures with the signs representing the districts ~

After a long day of chatting and laughing it was the end of the Saturday~ I headed back home to get a night of rest for the next day. Like last year the Sunday of Nishicon was not really well visited and it was pretty quiet in the Dealerroom so we did what we always do, eat snacks and chat ;p This day I was way too tired to put too much effort into my outfit, so I decided to just be a magical girl haha. Sailor moon all the way!

This time we did take a quick snap with the 3 of us though! 

Charlotte was being and adorable lolita, and Do was wearing an awesome ecchi outfit which made everyone stop and stare ;)

So after a day of chatting with more friends and introducing the people to Osharecon the weekend was over! Though I don't really like Nishicon as a con, it is always great to hang out with friends! I did buy some adorable plushies though! 

And that concludes my little writeup about Nishicon! I am really excited about the upcoming edition of Osharecon and I hope a can persuade some of you to come and join in on the fun! You can find your tickets on the website, all of the information you need on the Facebook page, and make sure you attend the event!

Also we currently have a style contest going on! Upload a picture and get the votes so you can win a Deluxe Ticket to the event! I hope you guys will enter, I'm really missing some gals on there!

See you all next blog post!

woensdag 4 november 2015

[Sponsored Review] Pretty Crystal Green by Pinky Paradise (on light eyes)

Hello everyone!

Long time no review! o.o It's been quite a while since I last did a review on circle lenses, so I hope I'm not too rusty! ;p

A while back I got these gorgeous lenses sponsored by Pinky Paradise ! I was looking for natural green lenses that had great coverage and still enlarged without it looking to creepy. And I found them! The Pretty Crystal Green seemed to be everything I was looking for so I couldn't wait to try them out. As always Pinky Paradise was quick to respond on email and questions and they shipped them out really quick. And they arrived within two weeks! Lets head on to some pictures :D

Close up with ring light

Ring Light

Window Light

First Impression:
Wow! These lenses sure do have great coverage. You can definetly see that my eyes look green, but they still give a very natural look.

Design/ Colour 5/5
I give these a 5 out of 5 for design and comfort becaue as you can see from the close up especially is that they blend in great with my own eyes. They have some opaque spots that makes the transition very natural. The green is really poping and I wonder what they would look like on dark eyes. I wonder if the colour would pop out as much?

Enlargement 4/5
A 4 out of 5 for enlargement. Since this was not the main reason I got these lenses I was still very happy to see that they did actually enlarge my eyes a bit. I was confused by the site as they say 14,5 mm and 15,0 mm. So i kind of wonder which ones I actually got haha.

Comfort 5/5
5 for comfort! These are great, I could wear them the entire day without feeling a thing. However, the lenses are very soft and therefore a little hard to put in as they keep flipping over my finger top. But hey, maybe thats just my incompetence.

Here are some more pictures of what they look like worn!

I'm really happy with these and I have worn these on several other occassions as well! Here are some shots with my phone and other looks ^^

If you are looking for some pretty green lenses, I recommend these! So get yours at Pinky Paradise today and look out for other reviews and posts soon :D