woensdag 24 december 2014

Magical Pastel Birthday Party!

Hello Everybody!

I haven't been blogging for so long, it almost feels weird to start again ... I hardly ever have a topic, and if I do have the topic, I don't have the pictures ... But today I have the topic and a few pictures!

So my birthday was on the 12th of december. On that Friday I celebrated it with my family by having a nice meal that my mother in law was kind enough to prepare most of it! Of this even I unfortunately don't have pictures but the memories of it are enough for me :3

On the Saturday after I celebrated my birthday for my friends! I decided to stick the theme 'Magical Pastel' to it, which was probably the hardest theme for myself to pull off since I only wear black hahaa. I spent the entire day baking with my lovely sister, but it was incredibly stressfull and I didn't know if I would manage to have everything done in time. At one point in time I was like, well screw this I'll just look like shit on my birthday cause I don't have the time to get dressed lol. But with the help of my friends I managed to get everything about done in time! So let me show you some pictures of all the snacks I prepared!

And my poor failed macarons ;o;
So now on to some of the party pics! I will leave some of these pictures in the depth of my computer because I don't think they should ever see the light of day whaha. I didn't take a lot of pictures myself, luckily one of my friends grabbed the camera and there are some awesome pictures from the night haha. I don't even have a picture or a selfie of my look! That's how busy I was hahaha. More luck next time xD Now on to pictures of friends and fun time! Click to enlarge ^^

Guys looking at pictures of boobs vs Girls looking at pictures of boobs ... xD 

And some horrible quality selfie stick pictures! XD 

I will spare you and my friends showing you the rest of the pictures haha. The rest was taking after we´ve been taking shots and playing beerpong for a while xD After all the stress of the day I ended up having a loooot of fun! Cause it was my birthday I had to take every shot 2 times and I lost with beerpong so yeah, the party started pretty fast haha. I was so happy that friends from all over the country came to visit! I think aside from all the drinks, food, decorations etc that is what made my party the best one so far :) Cause in the end, without friends no party!

I will do my best again to blog more often! But you've heard this before haha, but just know I'm trying!

woensdag 15 oktober 2014

Stay Cute Deco custom phone case Review!

Hello Everybody~!

Here comes a long awaited review that I actually did a loooong time ago, but that I 'saved' instead of published ... And here I was wondering why nobody would comment on this ... (boy don't I feel stupid right now...)

Anyway, so here I am with a review on a custom phone case from Stay Cute Deco! Stay Cute Deco is a little deco shop that is run by the adorable Staci! She contacted me asking if I could do a review on one of her phone case and I felt really honored! I usually do reviews on circle lenses and stuff like that, but making a review on an item that is custom made for me something completely different! Ofcourse I wanted to do a review, but at the time I had a HTC one X, that usually doesn't come with a lot of cute covers so I hoped she could make one for my phone, and she could~! She can basically make phone cases for every phone that has a cover available somewhere.

She asked me what i'd like to have on it and I basically said I love everything pink and let your imagination run free! So I got really excited and couldn't wait for my cover to come in! And it came in really fast! I think I waited about 2 weeks, that is including making and shipping~! So I was really surprised by that! It came in a cute envelope and it was securely wrapped and packed, but because I was so excited to see it, I didn't take pictures of that ... But lets get on to the pictures I do have, an those are the pictures of the phone case itself!

Needless to say that I absolutely loved it~! It's gorgeous, pink, fluffy and glittery, it has roses, bows, pearls and cakes, basically everything I love! Oh and did I say it's pink yet? It is beautifully crafted, very detailed and it's not heavy at all :o I had heavier phone cases than this that didn't have as much on it! She paid close attention to where she put her deco~ For example I love that she worked around the camera, so the deco is never in the way of the camera and she didn't put too much deco on the side so that it is still easy enough to hold on to! I have small hands so holding a big phone is usually an issue for me :P 

I absolutely love the phone case and I haven't taken it of ever since! I would recommend keeping it away from places that contain sand and lots of dust, cause the whipped cream on the case can be a little sticky and attracts little dust etc. Its easy to clean, but if you're lazy like I am try to avoid getting it dirty haha.

If you want an adorable phone case like this, visit her store here: http://www.storenvy.com/stores/17964-stay-cute-deco or give her a message on facebook~! Here are some other examples of her work:


Isn't it adorable? I'd almost eat it! So go to the facebook page, give them a like and get your adorable phone case now! :3

donderdag 2 oktober 2014

[Sponsored Review] E-circlelens.com ICK Fresh Gray and Brown

Goodmorning everybody!

Today I am back with yet another lens review for you, and I hope you're not sick of them yet! ^^"

This review is sponsored by E-circlelens.com and I got to choose from a new brand called ICK. So I chose my two favorite colors for lenses, brown and gray! I picked the fresh series because they looked both natural and vibrant. And I wanted lenses that I could do a more natural look with. The shipping was fast and secure and their service is really good!

So lets go on to the review! Excuse my simple look, I've been a bit ill lately but I tried!

Design/ Colour 5/5:
I love the colour of these lenses because they fit my natural eyecolour so well! It gives my own eyes a little extra by the soft yellow ring that's in the middle. The design is grainy which makes it more natural and makes it blend better with your own eyes.

Enlargement 2/5: 
These lenses hardly enlarge, but then again that is not the thing I was going for anyway! Like I said I wanted lenses I could wear with more natural make-up.

Comfort 5/5:
Nothing to say about this! They are comfortable to wear and easy to put in! I can wear these lenses for hours on end before they start to feel a little dry.

Design/ Colour 4/5:
Though I really like the color of these lenses, they do have a big opening in the middle so you can see a lot of my own eyecolor. This is why I usually stick to light lenses because brown lenses like these show up a little weird on my eyes. I think these would do really well on brown eyes though!

Enlargement 2/5: 
Like the ones above, they don't enlarge a lot but are good for a little extra with your daily make-up!

Comfort 5/5:
Saying the same as above: Nothing to say about this! They are comfortable to wear and easy to put in! I can wear these lenses for hours on end before they start to feel a little dry.

ICK Fresh Brown @ E-circlelens.com

So that's it for the review, I hope it was of some use for you! I will soon update with some other stuff as well, because just reviews are boring :') But I always find it helpfull to see lenses on light eyes first! Because unfortunately most stock photos show them on dark eyes which give a whole different effect.

zondag 21 september 2014

New Princess Apparel Website! 10% Discount to celebrate!

Hello Everybody!

I created a new website for Princess Apparel! I worked pretty hard on it and it took a while to transfer it from a dummy domain to my real one but its finally here! And to celebrate you can get a 10% discount with the coupon HAPPYNEWSITE! It runs till tomorrow so be sure to get something if youve been wanting something! ^0^

And please let me know what you think of the site! I always appreciate feedback! ^^,

dinsdag 16 september 2014

Lensvillage Photoshoot Program // Barbie Forest Series

Hello Everybody, long time no post!

A little while back Lensvillage.com contacted me to do a photoshoot program for a serie of their lenses! And ofcourse you know me, I always love to do these type of things!

So I decided to try and do some different looks for every lens color. Did all of these in one day so my eyes were a little sore afterwards from putting in and taking out the lenses and changing my make-up :') So without further ado, let me show you the pictures!


Okay so I admit, those are quite a lot of pictures and the post looks a little unorganized but I figured doing them all in separate posts would be even more of an over kill ^^"

My overall impression of these lenses are pretty good! They are comfortable, but most of them are a little dark for my taste. I like my light eyes and often pick lenses that light up my eyes but I think the color of these lenses will look really really vibrant on darker eyes! The design is quite interesting, the dark stripes through the color add to the overall darker color of the lenses. I like the grey ones best!

So if you would like any of these please take a look at www.lensvillage.com!