dinsdag 16 september 2014

Lensvillage Photoshoot Program // Barbie Forest Series

Hello Everybody, long time no post!

A little while back Lensvillage.com contacted me to do a photoshoot program for a serie of their lenses! And ofcourse you know me, I always love to do these type of things!

So I decided to try and do some different looks for every lens color. Did all of these in one day so my eyes were a little sore afterwards from putting in and taking out the lenses and changing my make-up :') So without further ado, let me show you the pictures!


Okay so I admit, those are quite a lot of pictures and the post looks a little unorganized but I figured doing them all in separate posts would be even more of an over kill ^^"

My overall impression of these lenses are pretty good! They are comfortable, but most of them are a little dark for my taste. I like my light eyes and often pick lenses that light up my eyes but I think the color of these lenses will look really really vibrant on darker eyes! The design is quite interesting, the dark stripes through the color add to the overall darker color of the lenses. I like the grey ones best!

So if you would like any of these please take a look at www.lensvillage.com!

woensdag 16 juli 2014

Annual Lolita Meet!

Hello everyone!

Here is a post about a topic that I haven't blogged about in a looooong time. Lolita! Most of you know that I've been into lolita since 2003, but I stepped over to Gyaru around 2009. Since then the dutch lolita community has been growing and growing, and a lot of my friends grew out of the style as well. But every year there is this Lolita Picknick that I try to go to with my friends, to chat up with some lolitas of the older generations, that often come to this meetup as well!

This year we were, as always, supposed to have a picknick. But unfortunately the Dutch weather is super shit so those plans had to be canceled last minute, and there had been decided to go to a pancake restaurant! Let me show you the look of the day :) It felt really weird wearing lolita again after such a long time! I honestly think that I haven't worn it for over a year or so~ But maybe I was just also nervous about all the new people that took our place xD

The outfit has been completely handmade by your truly, the skirts, the blouse and the bow necklace which you can get at www.princess-apparel.com!
The day started off with me being very nervous meeting everyone at the central station, but luckily there were some girls I know already there! And not shortly after Charlotte arrived, which calmed my nerves a lot more. So after everyone gathered at the station, and loads of people came up to us and asked for pictures and explanation etc etc, we started walking to the pancake house! It was pretty fun because there was a huge group of nearly 50 people and I was wondering if everyone would fit in the restaurant xD But the restaurant was huge so that wasn't a problem! Most people ordered pancakes, ofcourse, but I'm not a huge fan of pancakes so I decided on a different dish. And it was the best decision since a long time cause I got a delicious sandwich and I'm definitely coming back for another one some day! I won't bore you with longer stories, here are some pictures!

Charlotte and I were wearing the same ring from Princess Apparel! xD So ofcourse a picture had to be taken. 

My delicious sandwich   It had grilled goat cheese, honey, nuts, salad an all kind of other goodies on it! 

Charlotte and her pancake with apples and raisins!
These are all the pictures from the restaurant~ But after lunch we all went to another place in Utrecht to take some group pictures and other pictures, so I have more of that!

Here is a group picture that I stole from Miranda, a lolita that was active during the same time as me so it was fun seeing her again!

HYPER Crew going Lolita! XD

Charlotte, looking too adorable to function. She made the skirt herself! 

Kari, who's radiance blinded my camera in her gorgeous handmade dress :D 

And then there's me xD With the adorable cat bag Charlotte gave me when she came back from Japan!

Derping around~ 

Everybody chatting up and taking pictures

Me being unable to properly aim my camera xD

And yay, it worked!

With the lovely Irvina! I love hanging out with her, she is so funny xD

After all of this the group parted, some went to a church garden to take more pictures, and a small group (where I was in) decided to go and have a drink somewhere. It was really fun to be with a smaller group, it makes it a lot easier to talk to people! I had a lot of fun at this meetup and I hope I will see a lot of girls again soon! And a big thanks to the organizers for organizing this meetup!

Also, do you like the purple bow? Don't forget to join the Princess Apparel giveaway on Facebook! Just click the image!

dinsdag 17 juni 2014

Princess Apparel @ Animecon!

Hello everybody! 

It has been quite a while since my last post but today I am here to talk about my very exciting weekend at Animecon!

Last weekend was the first time I ever was at a convention as a dealer/ stand holder with Princess Apparel! Together with my partner in crime Charlotte, who made an awesome blog post about it here, we terrorized the dealer room trying to sell everyone adorable items!~

The stand on Saturday! Thanks to Juujube for this pic!

Let me try to put things in chronological order~ I knew I was going to animecon only 2 weeks in advance! This meant that I spend my days from 08:00 till roughly 0:00 behind my sewing machine sewing together bows, collars and more bows! I also spend some time creating things like rings, chokers, necklaces and earrings. Those 2 weeks have been extremely stressful and they reminded me of my graduation, where I hardly slept and only worked and worked and worked. On friday, the morning of the convention I was so done with everything I didn't even want to go anymore ... xD This is me being really honest. But as soon as I was there, building up my stand together with Charlotte who always knows just how to calm me down, I was really happy with the result of my hard work! Unfortunately though, through all the stress I forgot to put my SD card in my camera so I was left with my phone and Charlotte's camera xD Therefore you will see a lot of te same picutres. But pictures I haven't shown are pictures of some of the items in progress!

A bunch of new necklaces
Earrings and Rings. The rings were really popular and some styles sold out!
Seifuku Collars that were really popular as well! People really liked the idea of wearing these over any type of clothing!
And bows, bows, bows!
Okay so the get back on the topic of Animecon, let me show you some of the pictures from the booth! I stole all of these from Charlotte so you've probably seen these allready ^^



So those are the pictures from my booth! I got a lot of positive feedback on how cute it was, and some guys were scared by the huge amounts of pink! XD I had been really nervous on how people would react to the stand and the items I created but the amount of positive reaction was absolutely overwhelming! And this way I want to thank everyone, friends and friendly strangers, once again for coming by to buy stuff or small talk!

I also want to share my looks of the 3 days! I did my best to showcase some of my items so people could have a better idea of how they looked worn. Here is my face x 3! As you can see the looks were quite different. The first day I looked simple because of the stress and the hear, wearing one of the seifuku bows. The second day were were wearing our Yukatas and tried to look really cute to match the stand! I was wearing one of the bling bow necklaces that will soon be online! And the 3rd day we decided for a goth gal look, and I decided to wear the popular gold chained cross choker! These were extreeeemely popular at the convention, and I just ordered a bunch of extra materials to make more and more chokers like these!

And here are some pictures of me and my lovely co-host Charlie  This weekend wouldn't be half as succesfull if she wasn't there to help me out!


All in all I had an amazing weekend, and I'm looking forward to other conventions! I have applied for several other conventions and I hope I will be able to make those even more succesful! All the items that you currently see at the stand, but aren't at the site yet will be added to the store in the following weeks! Do note that most of the items are limited editions, so if you want some before they hit the online store message me at info @ princess-apparel .com!

The next con that's on our list will be Moshi Moshi con! If you haven't bought a ticket yet, please check it out as the pre-sale is only 15 euros! I will do my best to make heaps of new stock, special sales exclusively for the con and I will even try to make some clothing pieces! I hope to see a bunch of you there!