vrijdag 16 juli 2010

What to pack?

So here is my question for you all, I've been making a packing list for the last few days, cause I always forget the most important things. On our wintersport vacation i managed to one time, forget to bring shoes, another time, forgot to bring my snowboard coat from home and one time to pack my ID card in the suitcase that was put in the back on the bottom of a fully packed car, took an hour to take everything out and get my ID card :') (and then it also had to be loaded back in xD)
So my question for you, and especially the ones that have allready been to japan;
What do I really need to carry along with me to Japan?
As I said I allready made a book with notes, but there are so many and im too lazy to typ everything here :') But if you have something I really shouldn't forget, or something that is really neccesairy, tell me~! Every tip and hint is very welcome, and I'll write it down :) As you know I can only take 30 kilos with me, and 7 kilo in carry on luggage, so it's not too much, but it's more then average ^^,

3 opmerkingen:

  1. You can also google it? ^^ Google is your frieend! 8D

  2. I think you shouldn't carry too much make-up, because you can buy it in Japan!
    Also showergel and that kind of stuff, just buy it in Japan. This will spare you a lot of weight :)

  3. @Leaa

    Yeaaaah I allready googled it, and put everything i saw there that was usefull on my list :')