zaterdag 21 augustus 2010

Gyaru Picknick~!

So today was the Gyaru picknick, which was the last one I'd be attending before heading for Japan, I'll really miss them all ;~;
The day before I stayed at Charlie's place, so she could meister my hair again in the morning, oh man I want to pack her in my suitcase and keep her as a pet in Japan, to meister my hair every day :3

Too bad though I don't really have good pictures of the hairdo, Charlie made a bunch but is in germanland atm, so just wait for a blogpost by her about it :3

We made some fabulous cupcakes that were also veeeeery tasty, some with Strawberry frosting, and some with Lemon frosting :3

It's like an army of cute cupcakes :D

Here is a groupshot that Debbie made, so unfortunate she isn't on it ;~; Be on there next time!

Jup, I'm weird :D

With Jessica and With Charlie!

I have moooore pictures, but I'm a tad too lazy to put them up right now, better find them all on my facebook ^^,

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I love love love your hair.

    Your outfit is fantastic...

    Pink Kisses♥

  2. awww all you guye look so cute!!!! looks like u had tons of fun~ n_n