vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

So, today I went to pick up my visa in Den Haag together with Charlie! I finally have my visa now so it's totally official! I decided to dress up for the occation, since I never put any time in my looks for work these days, too much of a fuzz in the morning, and the old people won't notice it anyway :p

Decided to try some Suji-ish hairstyle, kind of worked out allright ^^,

The Japanese embassy is such a huge and impressive building, and it feels so formal when entering! You need to press the bell, talk to the guy behind intercom, and then he opens this huge gate, almost a little overpowering ^^" A lot of people that day were asking charlie and me if we were going to a party, cause we were dressed so nice. We both wore a maxi dress, so yeah, we looked kind of summer-ish :p
(me on the left, and charlie on the right)

Behold, the fabulous charlie! At that point we were allready back in Amsterdam, and there we waited for 3 trams, but since they were so incredibly crowded for some reason we didn't fit :/ and after the 3rd tram we finally managed to squeeze our asses in there xD And so I viewed Charlie from the top, she reminds me of a cute little old grandma this way xD;

So after that we went to her place to bake some fabulous cupcakes for the day after, cause then is the Gyaru picknick, and the last one I'll be attending before I head to Japan ;~;

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