donderdag 16 september 2010

Amazing Japanese streetartist

I'm being so lazy on my blogposts, sorry gaiz :') But here's the blogpost I promised about the Japanese streetartist that was among the side of the Kamo river!

After we went to Rub-a-Dub we walked up to the river and saw all these people sitting and standing there, and one guy in the middle that had an easel standing there, with a disco bol on it and music and painting stuff. So we sat down and he just finished one painting, and he was asking the crowd for the next subject. One guy shouted 'freedom!' and he basically ignored that, and then my roommate Noora shouted 'NEKO!' and he drew us a neko painting :D Here is the clip I made of it, he gave it to us afterwards, it's now hanging in our kitchen, it's amazing!

Sorry it's so dark, but if you turn it up on full screen it should show better.
This guy was just so amazing, he was mixing his own music on spot with the little DJ kit he was carrying around. He danced and painted on the rythm of his music, and when the subject in his painting changed he changed his music and movements too. After the painting he talked a bit about his life (in japanese, didnt really understand everything xD) that he lives in his car and travels around doing this, to make his money. Isn't that a dream for a lot of artists? To just be able to travel around and make your money by doing what you love? I gave him some money after he was done painting, cause I just found he was very inspiring :D He looked pretty cute too haha, I don't fall for asians usually, but I do fall for talented people xD Maybe that's it :P hahaha

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