vrijdag 3 september 2010

Arrived in Japan!

Yaaaay, I made it to Japan! It is so beautiful here and hot and and omg! I'll start from the begining, to make it easy for myself :p
So, on september 1st 12 o'clock dutch time, I went with my mom and sisters to the airport, my plane would leave at half past 4. I check my suitcase in, which was initially 2,5 kilos to heavy so I took some stuff out like books and bars of chocolate I got from my sister, but then the lady behind the check in counter said: 'oh just put that chocolate back in, I know a woman can't survive 6 months on her own without having some chocolate!' So whoppa, the chocolate went back into the suitcase :p

After that I went to have some last starbucks with my mom and sister, I really had to hold up my tears during that, to save them for the actual goodbye :p

So after that I had to say goodbye to them, which was really hard, especially to see my little sister cry that much, oh man I'm crying again when I think of it :p after the goodbyes I went behind the douane and was really on my own from that point on. Walked around on Schiphol a bit, but didn't feel like buying anything so I just went to the gate. Made if through the check ups flawless and went on board! This was the first flight that went to Dubai, and I had to transfer there.The seats in the plane were pretty comfy, a tad close together but enough space for my legs to move a bit. There were screens in the front chairs and I could choose between so many movies and tv and music! I started watching lost in translation, which was boring so I stopped watching that. Had some food, which was delicious, some rice with vegetables, fresh fruits, a little side salad and really salty! Nommm. I watched the last shrek movie after that, it was funny but not as great as the first one, that one stole my heart :p tried to watch the last airbender after that, but it sucks real bad in comparison to the actual cartoon so i turned that off too and listend to some music. My flight had a delay of, 45 minutes I guess, it went circling above dubai for like an hour or so untill we finally landed!
So, arriving at dubai, I went to look for the next gate, had to go through check ups again, this time not so flawless, bag went through flawless, but I didn't :p Had to go to a woman, which took me to a little room that had the size of a fitting room, she searched me, but nothing was there so I could move on! I wanted to drink something so badly, so I tried starbucks but, they didn't accept my card so I just waited for the next plane :p I had to wait an hour or 2 so it wasn't that bad cause I had wifi on my phone! I arrived at about 01:00 dubai time, and my plane was supposed to take off 3:10 dubai time

So, on to the next plane! This one had a delay of 45 minutes in the begining, cause there were some passengers missing, and their bags had to be taken of the plane, but that took longer then they expected. But it was allright cause once again, i had a little tv screen in front of me and listend to some music. I think around, 04:00 dubai time the plane finally took off, it was dark outside so it was really awesome to watch all the lights! Food was great, I watched avatar, and as everyone says, sucky story line (pochahontas much?) but nice graphics :p Watched percy jackson and the lightning thief after that, was okay, but I don't like zac effron actors, they make me think of justin bieber :p and wanted to watch 2012 after that, but we were almost there so I just watched out the window, so beautiful! The tvs could also be set to a forward and a downward camera, these were cameras that were on the plane so you could look outside on your screen! This flight had a delay of 1,5 hours I think, so I arrived around 18:30 Japan time!
I didn't know where to go when I landed so I just followed the others, went in some sort of tram that brought us to another part of the airport, we had to go through some other check up, giving finger prints and making a photo etc etc. I could finally pick up my luggage after that, but then I had to go through another check up of some japanese guy looking through my stuff, but that was okay :p All together this took around another hour, so when I finally exitted the gate, there was this old man standing there with my name on a card, Taxi! So i needed to hurry to the taxi, luckily it was cool in there, cause outside it was like 35 degrees celcius. My mom called at that time, but apperantly i couldn't call inside the van, what's up with that? Anyway, driving through Osaka to Kyoto was really awesome, once again in the dark, with all the lights, passing all these amazing stores and restaurants etcetc (Hey Charliemeister, I passed a donki! :D) and after a 2,5 hour drive I finally arrived at my destination, the Dohokan near the Kyoto Seika University!
The man from the international office was waiting for me there, he bought me some grapefruit juice, which at first I thought was very bitter, but now I really like it :p He showed me around the dohokan a little, gave me some maps and usefull information, but I was so tired, I didn't sleep on this whole trip so I had been awake for more then 24 hours :p There were 3 other students there, but these were from japan visiting here, so I couldnt really communicate with them. I put my laptop on the desk to check wether the internet was working or not, and chatted with my mom a little, and went straight to bed after that. It was around, 23:00 or 0:00 I guess so I don't really feel a jetlag :p Slept like a little baby, woke up at 06:00, unpacked my stuff, took a shower, drank some coffee and now I'm here, making a blogpost which is longer then I expected.. Congrats if you read it till this far! haha. I will go to the campus now, to pay rent, and get a little tour etc etc. I allready got a bike, so that's good! I think this is all for now, I will update about my surroundings after this, but first, some sightseeing here! Miss you all <3

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  1. Wat leuk rox, dat je ons zo uitgebreid laat weten hoe alles is gegaan! Ik verwacht iedere zoveel tijd een mooi verhaal te vinden, je weet het :)