maandag 6 september 2010

Downtown Kyotooo

So, I just woke up (It's 1 pm now, like wtf?) I never really sleep that long :')

So yesterday I went to Kyoto with my roommate, She's so funny and adorable! We met up with her parents there, her mom teaches here and grew up here, she's fluent in japanese! We went up to this huge mall called aeon mall, it had a lot of different stores in it, and my roommate went to a store for some clothes and basically we left after that. Here is some really cute and amazing arrangement they made in the center of the building;

It were colourfull lanterns with bows on them which I think were from obi fabrics, but I'm not certain

Kyoto tower, didn't went in there, but look at how awesome it looks!

So, after that we went to a 100 yen store near the Kyoto Station. I love 100 yen stores! They sold all kinds of stuff, and most of it was really just 100 yen, so awesome! I'll definetly go back to one soon, so I can get some more stuff for my room ^^" I bought all kinds of stuff there, but mostly presents for my little sisters' birthdays, which are extremely cute presents though, if I may say so myself :p After the 100 yen store we went to the shopping mall underneath kyoto station to find something to eat. I was in quite of a pickle there, since all the dishes just use fish, like, fu. We went in to some restaurant and fortunatly, I could share a dish with my roommate's mom, so I had some nice udon noodles! I'm not really familiar with eating with chopsticks yet, and these udon noodles are so heavy, I kept dropping them, so it took my a while to finish most of it! So apperantly, it isn't impolite here to slurp your noodles up, back in the netherlands, slurping is not something that is very polite, so I was trying to politely eat the udon noodles, but then her mom told me that I could just slurp them up. It sure was quite an experience, but it tasted good! On the table across me was a little old japanese woman, that was pretty much bended over her cup with udon noodles and soya sauce thing and she slurped like 3 noodles up at a time, such an adorable sight!


So, we split up with her parents after that, and went for a little shopping underneath the Kyoto Station, went to some make/up stores, and some cute little accesoires store! I love the accesoires stores here, iles and iles of eyelashes, bags, cute headthings, extensions, shoes, socks, scarfs, phone charms, earrings, necklaces, nail art etcetcetcetc

Click to enlarge ;D
We tried walking around in Kyoto for a bit, but my roommate was pretty tired since she had allready been walking for 3 days in kobe, so we decided to take the subway to shijo, which is supposed to be like a sort of shopping district for younger people, so the shops would be cheaper there. But when we arrived at that subway, we first had a hard time figuring out how to get out of the subway, we went into this department building, but there was just no end coming to it! It's like we were trapped inside that building. So we ended up walking there for like, half an hour or more I think, and then we finally found an exit, but not really any shopping district on sight. So we walked around for a little, but then my roommate couldnt take it anymore and wanted to go home, but just before we got back into the department store, we found an amazing 300 yen shop with all kinds of accesoires! It was amazing in there, loved it, bought some more presents for my sisters and then we went back to kokusaikaikan station, and from there we went into the drugstore to get some stuff, after that the lawson, and then we took the cab back to the dohokan.

Look what I found in shijo! Especially for my amigos!

So, back at the dohokan we rested, I cooked myself some dinner, put all my stuff in to place, decorated my room a bit (I will make sure to show you my room soon), I dyed my roommate's hair with PALTY, such an adorable package, and after that we started cleaning and organizing the kitchen together with our other roommate, and guess what we found? COCKROACHES! So damn nasty, there was one really big one, which we had a hard time trapping. But finally, it was in a drawer, we took the drawer out, put a trashbag over that, put another trashbag over that, wiggled and shaked the cockroach into the other bag, trying to get the stuff out that was in the drawer, and ended up locking it into a corner, by putting a rubberband over that part. It is in the freezer now :D

The stuff I bought today! Diamond bottom lashes, upper lashes, bright pink lipstick, a miss bunny mirror, a tweezer, and most of all; little sponges! Ohyeah!

So that's pretty much it, aka, I'm too lazy to typ more stuff, I'm going to take a shower now and get myself something to eat :')

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  1. Charlotte Hompe21 juli 2012 om 19:47

    you made some happy amigos with this post here, shopping is lookin gooood, which color palty did she get?

  2. I like the stuff you bought.
    That shop looks amazing ^^