dinsdag 21 september 2010

First day of school~

This will just be a boring post without pictures, but I just wanted to let everyone know where I'm up to atm since I had my first day of school yesterday!

It went really great I think, I met up with sky (Who is also an exhange student being in my class) at the International office because we had our first meet with the teachers there. We went together with Oha-san to the textiles building, where we figured the teachers weren't in yet, so we got a little tour through the departments by the 2nd assistant of textiles. Which was very nice, the spaces here are so big! But then again, there are a lot of people in the classes. After that Sky and I had to wait for 2 hours before the teachers arrived, so we went to the cafeteria to eat some icecream, went to the bookstore looking through some magazines, and since we still had lots of time left we went back to the Dohokan, there I ate something, and we met up with yumi and walked back to the campus, where we ran into Ken who had been trying to call us since apperantly we were late :P So we met the teachers, or actually 3 of the idk how many hehe. We sat there for 5 minutes or something, introduced ourselfs, and then we got dragged away since apperantly our class was allready starting. They first said Sky and I woudlnt be able to sit in the same class together because there was only one place left in weaving. And the other would be in silk screening. We sort of had a silent agreement I would be doing weaving since it was the very basic stuff and she allready had weaving courses back home. But when we arrived at the weaving class they said we could both come anyway but that we just have to use the same machine. I was pretty happy because besides the fact sky is a nice girl, she also speaks japanese, which makes it easier for me to communicate and understand!
We entered a room full of first year students which looked a little bedazzled and when I said my name the first time they all were like wait, what? So i had to write it down, and then still they didn't really understand :P So Sky and I sat down, they were just doing a round with names, where everybody had to stand up and tell their name and where they came from. So when it was my turn I was a bit nervous and Shy, but I stood up and introduced me in Japanese, and then they all clapped for me which made me even more shy haha. So then the teacher explained all kinds of things about the assignment. I'm glad she also speaks some english so she explains things to me in english. I can keep up with the Japanese I know atm just a little bit, so I'm glad there are people around me that swing both ways :') So after some explaining we had to get out and take around 200 photos of nature and architecture in close up, where we would later base weavings upon. So I did this, we went to computer class, where I set the computer to dutch and forgot to turn it back, whoops sorry :x anyway, we had to pick 50 photos that we were going to print. Lots of things went wrong with the printer and the settings etc. But I could easily keep up so I was one of the first that was done :') Feels like the computerclass back home xD I never really do anything back there either haha. So finally after a few hours of struggling we had our photos printed and we could go home, but first I had to go to the international office to fill in some forms, which took me longer then expected, so when I got home i was so damn hungry and tired, I made some tempura and udon noodles, ate it and then felt like going to bed. But we decided to go to the pond on the campus to hang around with some of the exchange students, loads of fun, and I think a good way to end the first day :)
Today I will have an information class about weaving, and tomorrow too. My classes run from 1-5, which I think sucks because I'd rather get up early and be off early, but oh well nothing I can do about it. At the moment there are people renovating our kitchen by putting in a gas stove. Because at the moment we only have 1 induction plate where we have to cook on with the 6 of us so that sucks, I'm glad we're getting a stove in, but this means I cant use the kitchen or anything. So I'm going to have lunch with some of the others.
Sorry if this post might have bored you :P

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  1. Charlotte Hompe21 juli 2012 om 19:48

    Ahhh you must've been nervous! but it's great the majority of your ppls speak Japanese :P that makes things just that bit more comfortable I can imagine!
    Great job, you made it through the first day :D!!!