vrijdag 3 september 2010

First Purchase!

Soo, I just went to the Conbini 7/11 to buy some food for tonight, found a lot, and didnt find much at all at the same time (I loooove browsing through foreign supermarkets, no matter what country). I was looking for some plain rice to cook, but all I could find was a small package of I thing 500 grams that was 995 yen? Sorry but that's a bit expensive for my taste :p Was looking for some plain noodles, didn't find those either .. so I just went for some other instant noodles, couldn't really figure out what it would taste like but i did deceiver 'soya-sauce'!So it must be good I guess, and else I will eat some soup :p The other thing I took with me is some delightful apple drink! It's so sweet and creamy and omg bliss! Definetly will be buying that more often :')
But what I was really hoping to see there, is the thing I first got my hands on, the AGEHA! I love octobers issue, it has a lot of outfits in it, a lot of shoes and how to combine them, some nice make-up on 360 view (which isn't really 360 but more like 180 but oh well) some lovely hair, and there were even some streetsnaps in this one! Haven't seen those in a while ... And ofcourse, like every month in every ageha there is a little wtf ageha moment, and I thought this one could definetly be this month's wtf ageha moment, a gyaru cosplaying jesus? Could anybody explain that to me? :p

Going to try and study some more japanese now and watch some tv, watched a show about paris hilton this morning? I dont know what that was all about but japanese seem to really love her :p

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  1. Charlotte Hompe21 juli 2012 om 19:47

    haha wtf man Jesus? at least you got the mag though, CONBINI WINNNNN MWHHAHAHHAHAHHA