zaterdag 18 september 2010

Kiyomizu Temple

Yesterday I went with my roomies to the Kiyomizu Temple in downtown Kyoto, we biked there! It was a bit further then the museums we went to visit, but we had to bike up some pretty steep hills, here is my the route we biked;

We went there because there was supposed to be a dragon show going on, but when after about 2 hours of biking I think we arrived and they said it was over, but luckily for us, we walked through the insane busy small street and there the dragon came! I made a little video of it, but it's a bit crappy since I couldn't reach over the people in front of me.

Then we went up to the temple, I kind of lost the group there so I just went to walk around like a tourist and take pictures, it was a really beautifull temple, so colourfull and bright, I'm glad the sun shined when I was there, it made it come out better :) too bad I didn't really knew what I was taking pictures of, since there were no explanations in english there so, here are some pictures to share;

That's it for now, if you want to see all of my pictures please add me on facebook, because blogger is too shitty to properly upload photos


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