zaterdag 18 september 2010

Museum visits, sort of ..

Okay, so I'm really really way too lazy for my blogposts, this is a post about tuesday :') I'll spam you with some posts now :P
A few of our roommates and a few indirect roommates from the Kino-ryo decided to go to downtown Kyoto an visit the museums that were there. It was quite of a bike ride, because we were with a lot of people I think it took us (with a little stop) around 2 hours maybe? I think you could get there in an hour/ and a half if you were biking alone and knew the way. I drew it out for you on this map I found (click to enlarge)

At some point we biked along the river, and I asked for a pitstop because it was so beautiful and refreshing! They had this little path over the river with square stones and turtle stones! We met a japanese guy there who talked in pretty good english and he had 3 adorable dogs!

We went to look for the museum after this and when we found it, we had to wait for some others to come by train. And since Noora had lost her shoe in the river (she caught it though, but it was completly soaked) we went for some 'shoeshopping', meaning, we went to Jusco and got her some bathroom slippers but hey, they were dry nontheless :P
While we were waiting we went into this little (and free) papercut exibithion. It was so adorable, they had some really cool stuff hanging around there and so much details! I couldn't imagine me doing that xD This was the exibithion building:

We went for some walking around because apparantly the other had arrived, but walked the wrong way so we tried to find them for a bit. On our way there we found this huge temple, but I only went to make some pictures because the others were still looking and walking around to find the others. (this is getting complicated, is it not? XD)

We finally found the others, and ofcourse, everyone was a bit hungry, so we tried to find something to eat, but that's always hard with a big group so we divided up a bit and I went with a few people to Jusco to get some food there :p When everyone was done and back on the meeting point I kind of felt like going home. Because the plan was to go to the modern arts museum, and it had quite an entry fee. And I'm not really a modern art person, so I felt like heading back. But there was also another museum with traditional japanese hand crafts, it was free so I went in with most of the group. I'm so glad I went in there and so sad I couldn't take photos... They had the most beautiful things presented there. All kinds of kimonos with all kind of different techniques used to them, porselain dolls, vans, cups, beautiful metal plates that had patterns on it that were sawn(is that a word? For the dutchies: Gezaagd :p) out by hand and aaaaalll kinds of stuff. It was beautiful to see, there were even some artists making their things on spot, really interesting :)
So after this I went home with just 2 people, and when I got home there was Yumi being all tired from her first day of internship! I made some dinner, put acrylic nails on Yumi with the acrylic stuff we bought at the 100 yen store, and then went to bed :P

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