donderdag 9 september 2010

Orientation day!

Today we had the early orientation for the exchange students that had arrived early. It started at 10 o'clock in the morning, and we were with a grand total of ... pampampampaaam, 6 people. So basically the thing we did in the morning was fill in papers, papers for student card, papers for alien registration and papers for health insurance .. That took quite a butload of time, I think maybe 1 till 2 hours? After that we headed for lunch in our cafeteria, which is really good and really cheap! They didn't have too much to pick from yet, so I picked a plate with rice, curry and a potato croquette, for only 200 yen! It was so damn tasty, for so little money, I was happy with it :p
After that we had yet a little tour around the campus and the library, and we went to downtown kyoto with the train after that, to go to the sakyo-ku ward office, to apply for alien registration and health insurance. So we did, had to hand in our passports and paperwork and some photos. The lady asked if I was german because I wrote 'Dutch' as nationality and my passport said 'nederlands'. So in half japanese, half english I told her it was the term they use in english and that I am most definetly a dutch and not a german :p After that we went applying for national health insurance, but as it turned out... I was the only one that was able to apply for the insurance, because I have obtained a visa for 1 year, and the rest only for half a year. And apperantly they changed the regulations and you couldnt apply for health insurance anymore when you were here on a 6 month visa. So I'm the health insurance meister atm xD
After that we finally headed back to the dohokan where we arrived at 4 o'clock, manmanman what a day! I bought some icecream for my roomies and we had some dinner all together. I'm pretty tired right now so that's why my story doesn't make sense. I'll just bore you with some random pictures taken at Kyoto! :D

I did need to have some photos taken for my cards and registrations, so I had to get into this photobooth at the station, I look like at little doggy on these photos :')

6 opmerkingen:

  1. The scenery looks so pretty!
    And I love your doggy photo, my 'pasfoto' always look scary

  2. Charlotte Hompe21 juli 2012 om 19:47

    NO you are NOT German, but the doggie picture is ttly cute :o you remind me of some gal model but I can't seem to figure out who, maybe Riho or something I dunno

  3. but a very nice doggy :)

  4. Haha but a cute doggie :p
    How good of you for being in the health insurance, as the only one xD

  5. hey rox! het ziet er echt super mooi uit daar! ^^