zaterdag 4 september 2010

Out for some grocceries!

So, today I went out to look for the Supermarket and the drugstore cause i needed some grocceries, and I just wanted to go to the drugstore :p So I took the bike and went the way I thought I was suposed to go, but ended up biking for 2 hours or so. I passed the supermarket, but I first wanted to go to the drugstore, which should've been in the same street, but on my way down the road, I must have overlooked it, so I kept biking and biking and biking untill it came to me that I probably must have passed it allready. But I was too lazy to turn around and bike up the hill again, that I just took a right turn and see where it would bring me. So I took all kind of turns, just hoping I would be taking the right directions, but apperantly I did! Cause I passed the little railway station again that I passed the first time. So I crossed the rails to go to the supermarket, hoping I would find the drugstore later. And apperantly, the drugstore was right across the supermarket xD Very very very clever of me.

So I went into the supermarket, wandering around for like half an hour or more. I saw all kinds of nice things, but I wanted to buy some rice for myself to cook. And then I figured this; Rice in Japan is so fucking expensive! You pay like 2000-2500 yen for a bag of 5 kilo (which is like 20 -25 euros) while back in the netherlands you pay 3 euros for the same amount! I was flabbergasted really, I mean, isn't japan one of the lands of orgin of rice? Like, how do these people survive, just on fish? very very very strange. So I ended up wandering around some more, bought some egg plants, unions, tofu, thick noodles, spagetthi, eggs and some desert thing, here it is!;After that I went visiting the drugstore, which was pretty big, but I was a bit tired of biking so I just went to have a quick look through their stuff . They have all kind of crazy things there, like deco masks, you know those little paper masks they wear a lot here? They had pink ones you could deco with some hearts, butterflys and rhinestones :p So after that I went back to the dohokan, and luckily I could find my way at once this time xD

Another student arrived today, so I'm not the only one in the dohokan anymore, luckily. After we went searching the house for a bicycle pump cause she had a flat tire, I went with her to the other supermarket. This one was way bigger and not to far away. Bought something to drink there, some garlic and a cake roll! (which is delicious btw) And yet again I was stunned by the price for rice, it seems like it's this expensive everywhere? After that I went to the conbini 7/11 for my favorite juice atm, the apple drink! Didn't find it at the supermarkets so I just went to the conbini again.

^ Yesterday's meal, it was allright, but I'm not too fond of the tase. I think I'll start making some real dinner now for myself, on the little electric cooking plate that we didn't get to use until we finally figured out how to unlock the childlock, we were fooled by that :p Maybe I'll go downtown Kyoto tomorrow, to go to the 100 yen store, or maybe not, I'll see about that tomorrow!

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  1. Charlotte Hompe21 juli 2012 om 19:47

    wow man...that's some expensive rice, it's supposed to go cheaper but wow :/ is all the rice like that? cuz i'm sure it's supposed to go cheaper..
    how was the drugstoooore? :D and is your new housemate nice?