zaterdag 18 september 2010

Present shopping at Shijo!

Wednesday I was supposed to go to Shijo-dori together with my Roommate Yumi, but she turned out to be very sick that day so I decided to go alone, since I was allready dressed up anyway :P

I used the lashes that I got with the Ranzuki as a gift, I love them! I never get underlashes to work, but these worked without struggeling! Yaaaay!

So I went to shijo for some birthday presents, and I think I've been walking around the same area for around 3-4 hours to look for presents :') But I finally found everything I wanted to get and give, so I'll be sending some envelopes out soon! I also bought something for myself, which I found a little hard cause I feel so guilty now for some reason :P I've basically been spending all my money on presents, food and train tickets so far xD It goes way too fast :P I also went into a puri machine, which isn't half as fun when you're alone, so I'll share one xD

I bought some crackers and calpis soda in the 100 yen store and then headed home with the bus again. I did walked past the Meta 'window' again, and they had another coordinate in it with such a beautiful dress! So I'll share that with you;

When I got home I remember being asked by some people to go to the honky tonk bar that night together with the people from the Dohokan and the guys and girls from the Kino-ryo dorms. I decided to come along, and we would be meeting at a certain point here in kino-cho/ iwakura but when we came there only the girls from the other dorms where there, and we didn't know where it was, we didn't have phone numbers of the guys since they apperantly don't have phones yet and it was raining like shit. We then went to the 7/11 in the hope we would catch 'm there, but we didn't find them so we asked a lady that worked at the 7/11 for directions. She brought out a map, tried to explain us, and eventually she grabbed an umbrella and walked up with us for a little bit. We were completly soaked and I was like : 'why not buy some cocktails and go back to the dohokan? I think it's closed and we're soaked blah blah blah blah' and the rest was like: 'naaah we've come so far, now we have to find it too!' so I just went along, and after quite some more minutes we finally found it, and guess what? Jup, it was clooooosed. We did ran into the guys there, so we still decided to go and buy some booze and went back to the dohokan where we played some non-existant drinking games and had loads of fun xD It's really nice to have such a great group of exchange students to hang out with, yaaay
After that I was a tad wasted and went straight to bed :')

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  1. Charlotte Hompe21 juli 2012 om 19:48

    Niiiice outfit.
    but blah for rain just when you wanna go out :/ but it's good you had fun in the end :)

  2. you look so beautiful in the first pictures ~<3