zaterdag 11 september 2010


Shijo-dori is AWESOME! Yesterday I went there with a few of my roomies and it was amazing!'
We're almost complete now, we have Yumi, Lena and Soo all from the US, and Nora from finland! They're all so great, when I got here I was a little anxious wether I could get along with my roommates, but they turn out to be so nice, couldn't have wished for anything better!
So we went to Shijo around 12/ 1 o'clock with the bus, at first it were only soo, lena, nora and me, and we would meet up with Yumi later. I first dragged them in to a softbank store to try and figure out how the unlimited texting works, but apperantly you first have to upgrade your phone with 3000 yen (+- 30 euros) and that only lasts for 60 days. And then you could sign up for the 320 yen unlimited text messaging a month. I didn't buy it then because I was a little confused and it's a bit expensive for me since I hardly use my phone, but I think I will just have to give in to it, else I wouldn't be able to make calls or anything. So I will just have to head back someday, sorry roomies for dragging you in there :')
After that we went to this shopping arcade in Shijo, I forgot the name of that street but it was amazing! We splitted up there and I waited for Yumi. When she arrived we went in a few shops. I also went into a Metamorphose temps du fille shop I ran into randomly! It was so incredibly pretty, oh my god. It was this lovely little shops, and there was one staff-girl who looked adorable and was so nice! I've heard from a few people that have been to lolita-brand shops before that the staff was a little anxious, but this girls was so cute and helpfull! When we came in she almost ran to us and showing us some stuff, she looked totally adorable! We looked around a bit. Their new collections are so beautiful! I'm glad their getting back in the game :p When we left she handed me a small cataloge brochure with the winter collection which is so beautiful! A lot of velveteen dresses I fell in love with when I first got into lolita. So we went back and then took some Purikura after that, OMG it is amazing! You pay 300 - 400 yen for one play, and since the ones we went to weren't really occupied, we had so much time to decorate them! Oh man I love purikura's here, they're one of my biggest obsessions :') (I will make a whole post about the puris after this ;p)
We did some more walking around and went in a few shops, and then met up with the group again. When we all got back together we took some purikura with the 5 of us, which was hilarious! We were looking for something to eat after that, and we passed this ninja cafe which Nora wanted to go too, but it was a bit expensive. So they just took some photos with the ninja's outside, it was hilarious! We headed to this little ramen restaurant that Yumi and her dad had visited a few hours before. It was pretty cute and authentic, but I wasn't really hungry so I just took a little cup of rice :p
Yumi, Lena and Soo wanted to go back after that, it was about 4 or 5 o'clock I think, but Nora and I stayed because we wanted to see some more. So we went back to this arcade, did some looking around, did some shopping in the 100 yen store, did some more walking around, had a ninja-crepe! Which was pretty delicious! I had a custard - berry one, and the crepes were made black to give 'm this extra ninja feeling i guess haha. We took some more Purikura after that together, and then we thought it was time to head home. So we took the bus, and walked from the kokusukaikan station back to the dohokan where our roomies were sitting outside. We chatted a bit outside and inside, I tried to figure out how the hell I could get the purikuras to my phone or computer, didn't work... I really want to get to the bottom of this xD I mean there is an email and an ID number on those things, it should work somehow, right?
I chatted with people till it was 2 oclock here, and then I went to bed, I wasn't really tired for some reason, oh well, it's a good sign I guess :p
Now I'm going to bore you with some photos! But not all of them, since I took around 150 photos XD

Cute fabric store, I almost died in there

Some shop with a lot of anime figurines
A really cute meta-coord outside of the meta building!
Inside a Purikura machine, this one is def recommended! :p
Some cute Yukatas, I really want to get one soon! :)
Cute and pink accesoire shop
Once again, now with roomies!
Soo and ninjas @ The ninja cafe :p
2 Cute japanese girls in yukatas!
Plastic Icecream!
CHOPSTICKS, These remind me of spirited away ^^"
This shop had a lot of cute stuff!
More plastic icecream! Look at that huge bowl :D
Liz Lisa's new shoe collection!
My ninja crepe! :D

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  1. Alles ziet er zo schattig uit!

  2. Ik zou helemaal gek worden daar, veel te veel leuke dingen die ik wil!
    En die megabak met ijs, lekker, wel veel te veel :p

  3. Charlotte Hompe21 juli 2012 om 19:48

    stoffenwinkel is WIN maar..alles wint T^T, ook die crepe <3

    happy amigo in undielannnd