dinsdag 28 september 2010


Oh man, i'm so lazy regarding blog posts! But maybe that is because I don't have much interesting things to post about, or atleast I think... I'm just busy with school since that started, but ill get off my lazy ass and blog something to you guys!
School is going pretty good, but I don't really have any homework since I finish everything during class. Even though my japanese is lacky, i understand it better then all the other japanese students and I finish way earlier then they do xD
So anyway, to come with some sort of interesting thing: I went to a huge fleamarket on saturday, which was in the gardens of an old temple :) It was really nice, we went super early (waited half an hour for the guys that didnt show up ...) we went by subway and bus, and it became so warm throughout the day! But it was really fun, there were a lot of stalls with secondhand kimonos, obis, foodstalls, all sorts of luck game things and just some people with a bunch of old crap they were selling! I scored 2 kimonos and 3 obis! I also bought a crepe which was way more expensive then I thought -.- it was 500 yen instead of the 250 yen that was written everywhere on the stall. Oh well, it did have fresh strawberries in it which made me happy :) Here are some pictures of the market!;

My current collection of kimonos and obis :)

After the market Noora and I decide to stay for a bit longer and then we tried to find the cat cafe that was supposed to be near the market. We walked for hours, with heaaaavy bags that were filled with kimonos and obis :P and then after asking every passenger 'neko cafe wa doko desu ka?' and hearing the same 'wakaranai' awnser all the time we decided to give up with the thought the cafe wasn't there at all ;~; there were 2 very helpfull girls though, we asked them and they walked with us everywhere and asked a lot of people, but we just couldnt find it! But they were so helpfull it almost shock me haha.
We decided to head back, and on our way back we headed into a panchiko hall, cause I was so curious and I just wanted to see it :P When we entered there was soooo much sound going on, but you couldn't really destinguish anything, it just sounded like you were under a waterfall or something .. We headed out again and went into a huge department store where we walked around for an hour I think. I bought awesome shoes there because halfway through the department store the soles of my other shoes broke! That sucked xD But I do have some awesome new shoes now!

They're not my regular style, but i really liked them!

So, after the looooong day we headed home with sore feet and bags full of shopping! I was back for 5 minutes, and decided to leave again to chill with my roomies at the park :) Which was awesome cause it is such a beautifull and peacefull park! Or well, peacefull .. we were looking at an encounter of 2 men that both had a dog (and a handbag, wtf?) and we didn't really see what was going on, but there were 3 police men trying to fix the argument they had lol, after a lot of talking and screaming, one of the men finally bowed and apologized for something, and then they both went their own way :P Here is a view of the park;

We headed home, and if the day wasn't long enough allready, we decided to go out for karaoke! We went to this place that is reaaally close to our dorm, and pretty cheap too! You payed 980 yen for a 4 hour private room. It was so much fun! I was singing like shit ofcourse, but the most hilarious songs passed the revue! (Is that even an english saying? :P) started of with the backstreetboys and the spice girls, did madonna, micheal jackson, the prodigy (yeah wtf?), some red hot chilli peppers, the vilage people, TLC, etc etc etc etc :') Here are some pictures of the night that I have stolen of yumi :P

So after singing/ screaming my lungs out for 4 hours we headed back around 2:00~2:30 and I slept till 1 oclock the next day :') on sunday I had a chillday and virtually celebrated the birthday of my little sister Yaimy-lynn along :) I'm sad I'm missing out on so many birthdays! I did send out a lot of presents, it makes me happy that my friend Charlie has allready recieved her presents that I sended out last monday, and I didn't even ship them with EMS! Goddamnit I'm never ever shipping things with EMS again from japan :P The shipping costs are just way too high D8
This morning I went to the 100 yen store before going to school, and I bought some nice stuff, I also went into a conbini and found the BETTY there! It's like the b-range ageha :P But i really like it, they have so much nice hair going on in that magazine~!
So, that's my update for so far, apperantly I did have much to tell you guys :) Maybe I'll make the next blog about the things I'm doing at school atm! I'm now going to bed early haha oyasumi~!

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  1. Ik wil er ook heen >.< hehe :3

  2. so that's where the kimono came from :D I was wondering :)
    don't trust crepe people, never trust them...crepes are from france :P
    nah, goldhonest them crepe people~

    I love those shoesss, sometimes you need easy shoes, and these are the ones :D

    I'm glad you're having fun with the dorm people and stuffs :) enough to do!