maandag 25 oktober 2010

Don Quijote and Bic Camera

Yesterday I went on a bigass shopping trip together with my roomie Noora, we went to Don Quijote (Donki in slang), Bic Camera and the usual shijo-dori trip ;D

We started of with Donki! We went by subway and when we got of we landed in the middle of nowhere, so we walked around for 20 minutes, and finally reached our goal!
Behold, the Don.Kihote!
Let me tell you something about the Donki, I heard amazing stuff about it from my dear friend Charlie, so I decided I had to look one up in Kyoto (It's a few stops beneath the Kyoto station). It is an overwhelming, clutterd, busy and amazing store. You can basically find anything you set your mind to! And one of my favorite things, it's a gyaru galore! You could find everything you need, circle lenses, lashes, nails, extensions, curlers, straightners, outfits, accesoiries etc etc. I'll stop my talking now and just fill you up with photos!

I took some more pictures, but I think this will give you the general impression ;D

After a few hours in the Donki we decided to head to the Bic Camera (that is near the Kyoto station). It's a huge electronics store where you can find a lot, where the same song repeats itself over and over again and where you can play streetfigher 4 with your roommate for half an hour with nobody to interupt :p
In the Bic Camera I went on a hunt for some heated curlers, but the only heated curlers I could find only had 4 or 6 curlers, and I'm not going to pay 4000 yen for that xD I'm just too stubborn to by a curling iron because I have about 6 of those back home D:

After the Bic Camera, where Noora bought a camera, woohoo! We went to Teramachi dori in Shijo cause I needed something there I could not find, we ate something, took some crazy purikura because Noora wore here new kigurumi that is as green as the greenscreen in the back so she dissappeared! Might upload those later when I'm not too lazy :') I'll show you what I bought instead!
I didn't even buy that much at the Donki, the lashes, the stockings and the golden R phonecharm are from the Donki, other then that I bought some grocceries there (yes, you can go groccerie shopping there too) The other things are lash glue, 2 cute notebooks and a ribbon to tie my Obi with :)

And probably my most awesome purchase of that day, my new hat! I love it hahaha, its big pink and fluffy and it only costed me 315 yen, I love it!

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  1. Wow donki looks amazing and so cluttered! Sounds like heaven! Lol at spam.... ick, How weird to have groceries to! and that hat is amazing! that place must be cheap as.

  2. Wish I could go to Japan some day. How are the prices ? Cheap ?

  3. omg ik wil die muts. hadden ze m ook in het zwart'? D8

  4. fuck yeah, street fighter IV :D

  5. Omg donkiiiiiiiiii, they even sell canned spam, now how's that? XD
    I wanna goooo ;~; omgggg.
    did you find any extensions to your liking?

  6. I know I missed Donki anyway... but these pictures didnt help!! XD

  7. Aww I wish they had a store in the US, I would go all the time! So jealous~ XD