zondag 28 november 2010

I love Shijo!

On friday I went with Noora and Beck to Shijo, again :) I really love that place! It's one of my favorite spots here in Kyoto ^^, So much shopping, fun and food!
My hair for that day failed, because my hair was still wet when I took the curlers out, so hardly any curls ;~; but it was poofy :D

 Buuut my makeup turned out okay :) I love diamond lashes <3 They are the best lashes I've ever had so far xD

Aaaand some photos of the day!
Beck and Noora in the subwaaaay
Noora and Beck at some coffee place, look at the cute gyarus in the back xD Awesome hair!
Teramachi is filled with christmas decorations!

A little preview of the christmas puri's we did! I will probably scan all of them in tomorrow :)
Too tourist :D
Sakurina's autograph was hanging in the window of a yaki niku place! :') Awesoooome, if I wasnt a vegetarian, I would eat there :p
A little hint of that days outfit :) I was wearing heels the whole day, untill I gave in and bought flat shoes for 315 yen 8'D

After we did some shopping we went to a little gaming arcade, with those grabby things and rows full of fighter arcades! Beck sat down and played streetfighter 4, and I bet that all the guys in that place were looking at us like: O______O OMG.. 3 girls .....
Beck and me in a puri machine :3
Noora, beck and me

After that we actually wanted to go to a pizza place for some proper pizza, but when we arrived the place was closed D: So we went walking around to look for something different, but almost everything was closed, but eventually we found this cute little okonomiyaki place where we were looking at the plastic food outside, and then the lady of the place came outside to welcome us in before we decided haha. So I had a little chat with her if it was vegetarian or not, and guess what, they had 2 types of vegetarian okonomiyakis :D And conversing with the lady in japanese went pretty well actually :) That made me happy, that my japanese is getting slightly better :D So we went in and order the food, and it was goooood <3

Noora and me :D
Cheese and corn Okonomiyaki <3

This was a pretty long picture post, with not a lot of talking, buuuuut it's an update! xD I'm turned pretty sick after shijo, I have a cold now and my nose is leaking like crazy, buuuuuuuuh. Now I'm going to get back to my family on msn, to celebrate my sisters birthday :)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh I hate it when the hair won't dry completely in the curlers, that usually happens to me haha, but your hair is so big anyway XD And your makeup is very beautiful!!

    It looks like you had so much fun, I can't wait to see the purikura^^ Oh man, I think I would have stolen that Sakurina autograph if I were you haha!!

  2. Lovely pictures!
    I could sure use a panda hat like that in this cold weather! XD

  3. Die laatste foto is schattig! XD

    Je wimpers staan erg mooi!
    En dat gewei op die kerst-purikura foto is ook erg lol trouwens. Hij staat je erg schattig! XD

  4. Yay for okonomiyaki <3

    You look so cute :D these lenses are cuuute.
    outside of that, do you think you might've lost some weight? you look thin gurl XD


  5. Ja dat is ook waar. Panda's moeten ook gevoed worden. ^^

    Oh ja wat leuk! Ik stuur even mijn adres door via PM op het himegyaru forum, ok? (ik wil niet dat mijn adres hier open en bloot komt te staan :p)