dinsdag 9 november 2010

New Make-up try and Circle Lens Review

Time for a more proper update! Today I have been trying out a more 'dramatic' make-up then I do usual, with thicker eyeliner that's more below my waterline. I'm not really sure if it suits me, but it was nice to give it a try :) So tell me what you think!

Close up of the make-up
I was also wearing my new circle lenses today which I meant to write a review about ages ago, but I never really took the time, plus the fact that I never wrote a review before ^^"
I bought my lenses at http://www.circlelens2u.com/ , I orderd from them before, so this is kind of my site to go to. First of all, I know they are not actual GEO lenses or anything, I think they are just a korean replica brand, but that doesn't really matter to me since I like the lenses anyway.
I orderd the new Sweet Blue ones, I also orderd those in the golden/honey brown colour, but I'll write a review about those later :)

Comfort: They are pretty comfortable, usually I tear up a lot when I put in lenses, but with these that is not the case, I still tear up a bit (that is why I always put them in before my make-up) but it is not as bad as I used to have it. One downside is that in the begining they are not completly stuck to your eye yet, it looks like they have a little fold or something, but after a few minutes that dissappears. Sometimes my sight gets a bit foggy, but that's always at the end of the day when I wore them the whole day.

Looks: These are definetly lenses I really like, they have a pretty good enlargement, and since my own eyecolor is blue you can't really tell much of a difference between my own eye and the actual lens. One downside, sometimes they float up a bit, it doesn't affect my sight, but it affects the look of how the lens is on your eye (as shown in the make-up photo above). Maybe this is just on my eye, who knows, but you can easily adjust them back down. They look pretty dramatic irl, so I wouldn't suggest them as natural lenses, but I wasn't going for that so that's a good thing :)

Service of the Site: I'm used to a really good service of this site, the first time I orderd from them I had my lenses in 1,5 week. This time it took a little longer because I had a change of adress and that confused them, so a few mails had been sent back and forth and after a week they finally shipped my lenses, which arrived in a week or so. Please know that if you order from them, make sure you order a quantity of 2, because then you have a pair. They sell them a piece for people with perscription

Overall: I'm really happy with these lenses, they're comfortable, and I love the enlargment and dramatic look of them. I would definetly reccommend them if you want lenses that suit your own eyecolour but are still dramatic :)
And ofcourse, some in and out flash pictures. Please don't mind the fact my make-up looks shitty, because I took the photos at the end of a long day
Both in (flash)
 One in one out (flash) 
Both out (flash)
I hope this has been a little helpfull, I never wrote a review before, and I know I kind of suck at it, but I wanted to do it nontheless :) And since I'm on a drift right now, I'll write a tiny review about and amazing lash glue I found here;
It's lashglue from a brand called PA, it is 500 yen and I think it's amazing. It comes in a little bottle with a brush, you only need a small layer of glue and it stays on the whole day, it dries quick so it is very easy to apply the lashes on to your eye, I would say this is the superglue under the lash glues :) Only bad thing is, I can't find it in every drugstore D:
That's my update for today! See you later, I hope you enjoyed :)

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  1. Ha, ik heb eindelijk ontdekt hoe deze comment manier ding werkt. XD (adblock blokkeerde alles)

    Maar goed, onto the subject.
    Die eerste foto is echt onwijs cute & pretty!

    Ik vind je nieuwe make-up poging echt heel goed geslaagd! Ik heb veel mensen gezien met make-up onder hun waterlijn waarbij het er te onnatuurlijk uitziet, maar ik vind het bij jou erg natuurlijk staan. Zelfs bij de close-up foto. Ik denk dat het komt omdat hij niet té laag zit.

    En je cirkel lenzen zijn ook echt een gave kleur!

  2. очень интересно :)

  3. I think the way you did your makeup is so beautiful and it looks really great with your new lenses. I like how bright blue the lenses are XD

  4. *came random on your blog*
    Je hebt echt een mooie oogkleur van jezelf :) en je oog make-up is lekker dramatisch maar het past wel bij je ^^

    Leuke blog ook trouwens!

  5. I like the new makeup! It opens up your eyes, which are really beautiful! Also, the blue lenses against your dark hair is really lovely, I like it a lot! ^^

  6. I think that make-up suits you very well!!
    I like it so much ^^

  7. Ja ik vond het al raar dat de vorige keren dat ik telkens op je blog was, ik nergens een manier zag om te commenten. En gister viel dus pas het kwartje dat mijn firefox/adblock wat dingen blokkeerde. XD

    Dat is een leuk compliment zeg, van die kantine mevrouw! :D
    Een beetje droopy vind ik wel schattig staan, maar als het echt te overdreven is wordt het inderdaad snel weer manba achtig. :p

    Met mij gaat het op zich ook wel. ^^
    Mijn interesse in gyaru is afgelopen weken echt flink toegenomen, en ik kijk er ook naar uit om ook kleding te bestellen en het eindelijk te kunnen dragen! ^__^
    (en mijn interesse in lolita begint een beetje af te nemen, lol)