maandag 22 november 2010

Quick Update :)

Sooo, I was about to report to you on Osaka, but I ended up not going, too bad my companion Yumi didn't had the money, so we decided to go another time :) We did go downtown Kyoto though cause I really needed a coat... It is getting so incredibly cold now, and the only coat thing I have with me is a thin blazer, cause my wintercoats are so damn heavy D:
I slept with curlers in, but figuring out in the morning that it had been of no use cause I'm out of hairspray D: So my hair looked awfull but I was pleased with the way my make-up looked :) (Didn't edit the photos cause I'm too lazy xD)
Later on I decided to add my clip in bangs, thought it'd look better, and oh man my extensions are so dead, I can't wait for my new ones to get it, but it might take a while! 

 So we went down to kyoto station to go to the aeon mall for the Uni Qlo, cause I figured they might have coats in my size, since I probably wont fit in common japanese sizes ^^" Plus it's a really affordable store :D
Before we went to the mall we had a stop at mister donut, the first time I ate there, taaaasty donuts :D
Me and Yumi at mister donut! We left when they started to play Ben from Michael Jackson, oh MJ, why did you have to leave us? ;~;
So we went to the Uni Qlo, and after searching through all the coats I ended up with a big white furry vest that was only 1990 yen and super cute, I wanted the black one because white is so contagious and I always wear black, but they didn't have it in my size *sigh*. I also bought a simple black turtleneck, good for winter!

White and fluffy!

I also stumbled upon one of the most hideous things I've ever seen xD
A kind of weird plasticy rainskirt? I thought they looked horrible, and it wouldnt really help for the rain anyway, would it? :') Or maybe it's not meant for the rain and it's just plain ugly D:
So after walking around a bit more through the mall, we went home and made a stop at the McDonalds where I bought some icecream, since they dont have veggie burgers here D:

Sorry that this update took me a while to make, I'm very busy at school cause I decided to make more projects then the other students, since I wanted to be doing something hahaha. So I spend all my days in the studio from around 12:00 to 23:30 xD But it's worth it :) If people are interested I'll show you some of the work I'm making, we're currently working on Katazome, the reason I came to this school!
But, I'm going on to drink sloths with everyone here now ^^, Bye for now !

(PS, for the ones that are interested, I put a formspring box on the side of my blogs, if you have any questions :))

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm interested! me me me me *jumps up and down*
    no just kidding, but seriously I would love to see what you're making ^^

    (also.. have no idea why I'm writing in english 8D it was automatically)

  2. Ik vind je haar best leuk zitten op die foto's hoor. En je make-up is ook pretty!

    En dat witte vest, omg wat CUTE!
    Ik had ook op taobao een fluffy wit vest gezien en ik wilde hem stiekem ook wel, maar ik heb niks om hem mee te combineren. En daarnaast is wit echt heel erg snel vies inderdaad, wat ook voor mij een reden was om hem uiteindelijk toch niet te doen.
    (maar nu ik jouw foto zie in je witte nieuwe vest heb ik spijt dat ik die ene van taobao niet heb gekocht XD)

    Maar van 12:00 uur tot 23:30? Damn, wat maak jij lange dagen zeg! O_O
    En ik ben wel benieuwd naar de dingen die je maakt. Maak je foto's als ze af zijn? ^^

  3. You are so pretty and your hair looks lush! & I love your coat, I really want a furry coat this winter. You're visiting Japan at the moment? Soo lucky! I want mister donut! om nom nom.

  4. make is fab!
    but I don't think your hair looks that bad, I mean it's not too big but still fluffy and cute

    rainskirts? *_* just no..

  5. Mja, dan vooral proberen met je armen van viezigheid weg te blijven. XD En goeie wasmiddel kopen. :p Ik ben benieuwd of die trend ook overwaait naar Nederland. Die nordic printjes wel, maar niet alles waait over naar hier. Ik bedoel, die usamimi haardingen heb ik hier ook niet gespot. XD

    Maak je gewoon voor de lol meer dan de andere studenten, of krijg je daar ook nog extra punten voor?

    En geen dank, ik vind het leuk om te blog te lezen. Dus dan comment ik graag. ^^