zaterdag 13 november 2010

Small Suji!

Here is a small update :) A few weeks ago I bought some curlers, which I figured you had to use when your hair is wet and wait for it to dry, or blowdry it, but since we have no blowdryers here, I slept with curlers in tonight. I've been looking for heated curlers all over the place, but I could only find sets with just 4 curlers, and that is not enough to curl my whole hair with. So, I bought these at the 100 yen store, they are foamy + plastic kind of curlers, I'm too lazy to make a picture now, but if you would like to see I'll make one ^^,
So I slept with curlers in tonight, and tried to make a nice Suji-hairdo this morning! It turned out okay, I just need more practice :)
(I hope I made the Meister proud of her minion)
The huge sunglasses because I don't feel like wearing make-up today, and I really need to dye my roots D: But what do you think? I think it turned out okay, it would look better with extensions, but I have to wait for the end of the month before they are back in stock again :( This is a little test run for tomorrow, tomorrow I'm going to Shinshibashi in Osaka with Yumi! We were actually supposed to go today, but there is a huge high school festival going on there, so the trains will be packed, and for a one hour trainride a sitting place would be comfy ^^"
I will definetly post about tomorrow! I can't wait to go there!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I think it looks great! I could never make my hair so well! I know what kind of curlers you are talking about, I have some too but I left them at my place in Japan. I want to try them soon!

  2. Oh wow it turned out so well! I really love it! I could never get the type of curlers you're talking about to work for me. :( Gotta invest in some heated ones~

  3. Yeah, when I am looking at ageha I feel I need some layers (and extensions) in my hair to make it look proper haha. But I'm just generally terrible at hair styling XD

    I'm going back to Japan next month, so I will just get the curlers at that time haha XD

  4. Oh wow nice! Can you please take a picture of the hakken rollers?