zaterdag 6 november 2010

WTF Ageha

Since i've been so lazy, I'm going to make a small and random blogpost about the new Ageha :)

I don't really buy all the gyaru magazines here, but the Ageha is my favorite so I buy it every month. I think the last 2 months they were getting back on track and really good, more hair, more outfits etc. But this Ageha really dissapointing again. Once again a lot of make-up, and mostly all of the things we've seen before, since that's what the Ageha is mostly about. There are hardly any hairstyles in there this time, and the ones that are are mostly just curls, no more suji and mori, where is the suji and mori going gaiz?
And ofcourse, there was a wtf ageha moment in this one as well;
She is wearing a stuffed dog on her head! What is that all about? I hope they're not going to OTT sweet gyaru now :') Other then that I think she is a very cute model, and she keeps the hime/ himekaji/ koakuma level of the ageha up a bit. Because nowadays it mostly features Sakurina in rock style, and the other models in a bit of a Mode style, which is not a bad style, but I don't really like it that much, i think it's inspired on H&M fashion of a few years ago, and it's all a bit plain and boring, but whatever rows your boat right?

This was my random little update about the new Ageha, I wouldn't really recommend it, but downloads are free so lets wait for that eah?

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  1. I brought that this morning and haven`t gotten to the stuffed dog yet. I only flicked throguh but it seemed kind of blah maybe why I missed the dog wtf...

    But apparently there`s a hime style kansai based magazine:

  2. Oh man, the pages with the crazy hair always makes me laugh. Does anyone actually USE it??