woensdag 1 december 2010

Another package arrived!

Yaaaay, today I got a phonecall that a package had arrived for me! I got the call during class, so I couldn't wait to get out and get my package! About class... We now started fiberart, with is for as far as I am conserned mostly felting, which is nice to do, but it's not something I find really pretty xD But then again, it is fun to learn new stuff! Yesterday I had my crit for katazome, which I had to do in Japanese o__O"" Luckily my roommate Yumi is fluent in Japanese and she translated for me what I wanted to say, and during the crit I could just read it of my little note, I was soooo nervous and I had to hold a microphone and all .. but it went good! Got an applaus from all the students which was really sweet, and all the teachers liked my designs so yay :)
Buuuut, lets get back to the package! It was from my grandmother, as a sinterklaas present :) (Sinterklaas is a dutch holiday, where little kids can put their shoes near the door and the old man gives them sweets and presents)

 It came in this amazing pipstudio box! As soon as I walked into the room people were like: OMG what a cool box! whats in it whats in it whats in it whats in it?!
 Well, this is whats in it :D Sweets, chocolate, cookies, a chocolate letter, brinta (which is a sort of oatmeal that I love) and a little pietje!
I also recieved these 2 very cute cards at the same time :) One is from my grandmother, and the other one is from my friend Lizz :D Thaaaaaaaaaanks <3

So that's a quick update about today :) Please to be looking forward to a post about the new BETTY (magazine, sort of like Ageha) This issue is awesome, with a lot of different hairstyles, which I am kind of missing in the new agehas :( So I will post photos of it soon! (since nobody ever scans the magazine D:)

And another little note: 102 followers, yaaaaaaaay :D Thanks you all <3 I will try to be a better blogger :')

And another awesome note: My dearest amigo Charlie has booked her flightticket and she will be here on the 28th of december till the 21st of january :D Oeeeeeeeh I cant waaaiiiiitttttt <3 If anybody is in Kyoto/ Osaka anywhere near here around that time, let us know, we would like to meet up :D

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  1. my mom told me not to trust bearded men that put candies in yer shoe~!!!

    big box is sweeet, I especially like that Piet he's cuuute <3

    comming to yoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu yayayayayayayay

    wat ik vergeten was...januari=luckypacksale~~<3 s kijken of we daar wat mee kunnen :P

  2. aww, what a sweet grandma! carepackages from home are awesome.... i wish i'd get some! but i guess i am going home for christmas this year so it's better, haha.

  3. pineappleinahaystack21 juli 2012 om 19:31

    Im in Fussa/Tokyo. But meeting up during Christmas would be within reason.

  4. Oh what a lovely care package, the treats look really nice and the cards are cute too!

  5. Aww dat is superlief ^^
    Ik ben ook dol op brinta btw.. ik gooi er wel altijd hagelslag in haha

  6. Awww, what an adorable package!! Your grandma is so sweet. ^__^