zondag 5 december 2010

BETTY vol.9

One of my 'new' favorite magazines is BETTY! It is a sort of b version of the koakuma AGEHA but somehow I have the feeling the ageha is going downhill, and the betty uphill. You see, lately the Ageha is failing on points as hair, style, most of the magazine covers the make-up we've allready seen in the issues before that, and the ones before that, and the ones before that ... I miss the time where the Ageha featured all kinds of amazing hairstyles, with big moris and awesome sujis, but nowadays they hardly put effort in it anymore and all the hairstyles look the same .. That is why the Ageha has been a bit dissappointing to me lately, whilest on the other hand, the Betty is amazing me! The past 2 Bettys have featured amazing hairstyles, cute styles, even streetsnaps! And their make-up in the magazine is getting better. They are really growing to what the Ageha once was for me. Sadly, this magazine only comes out once every 2 months, and nobody ever scans it, so I took some pictures of the magazine to share with you :) (Click to enlarge)

As you can see they feature amazing hairstyles! There is a lot of Suji going on and a lot of variety, I'm so happy! These are the pages that usually give me most inspiration :)
Even the make-up styles in the magazine are getting better! And they are not as overwhelming as the ones in the ageha, because nowadays thats almost the only thing the Ageha consists out of, and since we've seen those all before, they're getting a bit boring
And some random cute, matching dog dresses! Sooo cuuuute :3

And these are 2 little collages I made from my favorite outfits in the magazine, not really well edited, but im lazy xD As you can see I don't have much of a defining person style, im mostly all over the place, but I really do like all these outfits <3 If only I would have the right things in my closet xD

Don't get me wrong btw, I still love the Ageha, but I think it is now atleast sharing it's position with the Betty :) Sorry that the photos aren't the best quality, but I hope they will be a bit of inspiration for you as it is for me :) And if you can, and see this magazine in your area, don't hessitate to buy it!
Over and out ^^ xxx

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  1. Oh thanks for a suggestion! It does look like a great magazine~~
    I guess the makers of Ageha have become lazy .___. Their models are already so popular ect. I've actually stopped downloading it too. I'd love to read blogs of Betty models :o Do you know any?

  2. Waa this looks like my sort of magazine! more people should scan it cause I'd love to get a proper look through it T_T!

  3. I only got an issue of Betty .... My 4 years old love the make-up DVD they give and call them all princesses ^^ the dvd quality is not that great by the way....they look unshiny xD and tired

    I'm so used to AGEHA models that with BETTY I wasn't that satisfied but for what I see here the magazine is getting better!!!
    the clothes seems prettier and models also so I'll buy another issue!!!( I got vol.06 of this year)
    Have you ever seen ANE COCO??? I got an issue with BETTY but looks so fake in my eyes....looks like a kyabajo catalog....doesn't seems like that is the daily and personal style of the models you know....

  4. Yes actually before I was not sure if I should buy Betty because I wasn't sure what it was like inside, but now that you have shared the photos it really makes me want to buy it! I don't do such big suji hair styles, but they are so fun to look at, and the clothing looks nice too.

    I agree, there is too much makeup over and over again in Ageha now, I mean you have to skip 50 pages just to get to the clothing. I though what small clothing sections they had in December Ageha were good, but it was so small. And hardly any hair.

    Maybe they aren't doing the big hair because many of their readers are regular girls not hostesses now. But when I see the hair styles in Betty I think "Yes, that is hostess hair!" hehe^^ Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures! I've seen the cover often but always hoped for scans. It's too bad they only sell Ageha in America. :(

    I completely agree about Ageha though. I use to pick up an issue every month but stopped because I realized the same things were rehashed over and over again. From the images you posted of Betty, I think I'd really love to pick up an issue. Hopefully they gain more popularity and become available here. :/

  6. Oh dat ziet er wel uit als een gaaf tijdschrift zeg!
    Streetsnaps vind ik altijd het leukste om te zien in een tijdschrift. ^^ Maar de haarstijlen zien er ook leuk uit.
    Je collages zien er ook leuk uit trouwens! Van wat ik er van kan zien zitten er wel een aantal mooie outfits tussen!

  7. Betty looks similar to Ageha, but way better!! Thanks for sharing the photos! I hope I can snag an issue sometime~ ^__^

  8. do you liked to focuss on my stewart style ?