zondag 30 januari 2011

Back in the Netherlands!

Supriiise, I'm back in the Netherlands! Most of you probably didn't know this, because I have kept it a secret because of my grandmothers 75th birthday party, that was last saturday, and as a suprise for her birthday I came back on friday evening and suprised her yesterday by hiding myself in a big box! She was surely suprised so that was worth all the effort :)

That is also the reason I haven't been updating anymore, since I was really busy packing all my suitcases, saying goodbyes and finished the last few things in Japan...
I surely allready miss Japan, it is really weird returning back to my home country after half a year. As soon as I stepped in the plane it felt like I had only been away for a week or two instead of half a year. The time flew by so quickly! It is still unreal for me that I am not in Japan anymore now. Because in the half year I was there I build up a sort of different life, together with all the other exchange students it felt like we had a litte family there. And knowing that i will never be able to return to that place and the same conditions and that i wont be around the same people, and in the same atmosphere etc it makes me kind of sad. Because ofcourse I could return to Japan, but it wouldn't ever be the same as it was. Leaving my homecountry for half a year wasn't as hard, because I knew that I would be able to return to sort of the same state as I had left it in. I would come back to my house, my family, my cat etc, and that is not something that will happen if I was to return to Japan, and that is something that makes a bit sad ... But I am sure that I will see some of my friends i made there in their homecountries! I loved gettint to know people from all over the world :)
Japan is an experience that nobody will ever take away from me anymore. I have learned so much, in school, of the culture, the language, the people, their behaviours, everything. It was surely an amazing experience, and I don't regret a moment of it!
In the next few weeks I will be updating more, I will make posts about the small things I will miss about Japan, more about the things I did there and didn't blog about yet, i will make a big post about the work I made in school, etc etc :) I also recieved my circle lenses from mukuchu, I will write a review about them soon!
I need to go back to back to school on wednesday, and have to prepare myself for an internship. And I also have to clean my room haha, it is still stuffed with suitcases that are full! But I am going to do a big cleaning, and trow out a lot of shit in my room that I don't need anymore :')
And since I am no longer in Japan anymore, I guess I will change the name of my blog to Woxje @ Blogspot, because I lack better ideas for a name xD

I am sorry for the long text only post, that probably doesn't really make sense because I'm still jetlagging a bit xD My next posts will be better and more fun! :)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh it is a surprise for sure, I didn't know you'd return home now at all! I bet your grandmother was sooo happy you could be there for her birthday. I can't believe how quickly that time went also, I remember the day you announced you are going to Japan. Well you will return to Japan soon enough?

    I wish I could help think up a name, but I am so terrible with that haha!

  2. Welkom terug ^^! I look forward to see all your upcoming posts :D

  3. Welkom terug in Nederland! :D
    En wat een leuk idee om je oma zo te verrassen! ^^

    En ik kijk erg uit naar je komende berichten!

  4. Omg, that is so cute how you surprised your grandma! She must've been so happy. ^__^

    And it's definitely heartbreaking to leave Japan... I was only there for 10 days and I was so depressed when it was time for me to go back! U.U But I'm really happy that you were able to happily experience living in Japan with all your classmates. ♥