dinsdag 11 januari 2011

New Years!

Hii Everybody!
I am so sorry to be so lazy with posting, I haven't posted since Charlie got here because we were doing so much, shopping, visiting stuff, and then tokyo and the big gyaru me2 which was awesome! But I will post about that in another post ^^

First I would like to wish you all a very happy new year! I know it's late, but better late then never right? ;) I'll make this post about what I did this new year's eve, cause it's been the most adventurous of all!
At 12 o'clock Me, Charlie, Beck, Kailah, Noora and Katsu were are a small shrine in Teramachi to ring the bell for good luck and fortune for the new year. It was very sweet, but I swung the bell too soft so I got to do it over hihi, and after me it was Noora's turn, and she really went for it and swung it so hard I was afraid the shrine would come down xD hahaha. We got a very lovely and sweet rice drink after that, and we stayed around the shrine a bit to chat and then we all held hands and Beck and Kailah (from scotland) started singing a scottish newyear song xD

The small shrine where we rang the bell

 After that we went to a club in Kyoto called Ghost, where we were clubbing the whole night! Or well, Charlie and I did, after an hour or 2 the rest left with some guys to do Karaoke, but Charlie and I were good in the club because we kept getting free drinks! From the bartender and from some random guys we were talking to, Kaluha and milk, wooooh! We were dancing, drinking and sitting around till 7 o'clock in the morning. Beforehand we decided we would make it through the night to go to a shrine in the morning, and we did!
Charlie and me with matching outfits and Kaluha Milk!

So after that, we went to the Fushimi Inari Shrine! It is the Shrine with all the orange Torii bridges, it was beaaauuuutiful but we were allready tired when we arrived there at 8 in the morning, and then we walked the shrine, all the way to the top! Those are a lot of stairs, and with every stairs we thought: this MUST be the last one to the top! But it was endless really, after 2 hours or so we finally made it to the top, and there we also rang the bell for good luck and fortune, because we though we deserved it haha.

At 8 in the morning, somewhere far in the south of Kyoto after partying all night!
It was actually snowing that day and the night before, so it was gorgeous!

 But when we went down, we went down the wrong way, and got on some sort of hiking route (just what we needed hahaha) so we ended up in a forest, just walking down, and when we got out of the forest we came in a little neighbour hood, where we stopped 2 people that looked like hikers to ask where the entrance of the shrine was, and they explained to us that it was still a half hour walk! Oh man we were so dead when we finally reached the entrance of the shrine again, that took another 2 hours ... but did we stop after that? Hell no! We walked to the don quihotte! which took us another 45 minutes or so, I only bought food there because I was so dead, so we walked back to the subway station, went home, got a cab home from the station to the dohokan, and crashed out in bed at 3 o'clock in the midday. Man what an adventure! But we had sooooo much fun xD

So that was my new year's adventure! How was your newyear? :) Next post will be about Tokyo and the Big Gyaru Me2! I just need to make more time for blogging xD I did make a new layout! What do you think? ^^

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  1. Never say sorry for having a life! ;)

  2. i really like what you are doing here
    is it possible to meet you soon ,Otti ?
    i play the guitar and i would also like to rub warm honey on your chest.
    heres my mob if this is to be desired :
    080 3828 8036

    but call soon because im a busy man.

  3. OH it sounds like you had such a fun and adventurous New Year! I feel so boring to say I did nothing haha! I really like you and Charlotte's matching outfits with the sparkling pink ribbons!