maandag 28 februari 2011

GALS ON ICE! But not really

So yesterday was the by HYPER organized meetup in Amsterdam. The plan was to go iceskating but unfortunatly, the inner course was closed, and it was raining outside so we couldnt go! :(
The day before Josephine and I went to Charlie to stay over and prepare for the meet the next morning! We had some fun, drank some pinã colada with chocolate milk, saw charlie's sexy neighbours AND the Tokyo kawaii TV episode where the Big Gyaru Me2 was featured! For those of you who haven't seen it yet, please do and tell me what you think ^^ Just to clear something up for the people that have seen it; Charlie and I were not 10 minutes late, we were on time, but the camera crew liked to dramatize it xD
Anyhow, back to the meetup! That morning we prepared for the meeting with the 3 of us, somehow it's always more fun to prepare together then to prepare alone xD

And my face that looked a bit weird that day xD
 I did an awesome suji in Josephine's hair, but I totally forgot to take a good picture of it xD So I did that when we were allready soaking wet xD Cause that is what eventually happend when we got to the icecourse. We first picked up Estherbel and Charissa from the station, so were with a small group, so it was rather easy to decide what to do when the iceskating course was closed, and we went for some shopping in Amsterdam!
Even though the weather was cold, and grey, and it was raining shitloads, I had a lot of fun with the girls and I bought some awesome stuff! But I saw even more awesome stuff, but unfortunatly my wallet does not have infinite money ;~; I will make a seperate post with pictures of the awesome stuff I saw here! So here for some random pictures, I unfortunatly didnt take too many since it was raining and I didnt want to take out my phone a lot, and definetly not my camera xD
The raindowned suji in Josephine's hair xD
 After all the shopping we went for some falafal! God I love that <3 It was a good closeure of the day, to sit and eat nice and warm xD All and all it was a great day, but I can't wait for the spring to begin again ... Next meetups will be with better weather! And we planned a lot of awesome ideas for meetings so keep your heads up cause I'll be posting them on this blog~!
And my purchases of the day! Which I personally find highly awesome xD A shirt/dress of which im planning to put a huge bow on or something .. Expect an outfit soon xD
And an awesome classic pair of heels! They were initially 15 euros, but one of them is a bit broken, so Josephine helped me to knock another 5 euros off and now they were only 10 euros! XD

I want to thank the gals for the fun day, and there will be more and better meets in the future~! :) 

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  1. Awww, I'm sorry to hear about the weather during Gals on Ice! D: But I'm glad that you gals still had fun! ♥ And yes, Japanese TV shows sure love to change things up to make it more interesting. ~__~

  2. I love your style!! Your bow is awesome!!! *o* Uber cute!!!!!!!!!!!!