donderdag 17 februari 2011

HYPER Presents; GALS ON ICE Meet-up!

Hii everybody~!
Just a quick post today about our upcomming meet-up, I was supposed to do this earlier but kind of forgot D:
But for those who would like to meet-up and are able to, please join our meeting! ^^

More info on our facebook account ^^

I'm really sorry for neglecting my blog so much :$ I'm really busy with my portfolio site and internships etc. But as always I promise to post more, I'm just a very bad blogger xD I did change my layout! What do you guys think about this one? I'm never satisfied haha

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I wish I could go! T__T Please take lots of photos so that I can feel like I was there~ ♥

    And I really love your new layout!! It looks professional, yet it's still fun and girly. ^__^ Best of luck to you and your portfolio site and internship!

  2. Ik vind je nieuwe layout erg leuk! :D
    (hoewel je About Me tekst wel verdwijnt tegen de achtergrond, maar ik weet niet of je dat erg vindt of niet.)