vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Japan inspires Ikea?

I was walking at the ikea today and i found this awesome fabric at the fabric section! Its a black and white fabric with a few manga pictures printed on it. I actually wanted to buy some but i wouldnt really know where to use it for ... maybe i will get an awesome idea and still go and get it :) Anyway, go Ikea! :D
And who knows, maybe the swedish meatballs will make way for some sushi! ;)

This is the first time im making a blogpost from my new phone, the HTC Desire! I love it! But i am still waiting for my case to arrive so i can deco it :) i hope the blogpost will turn out well ^^

6 opmerkingen:

  1. AH,, thats the fabric I made my Pillow case out! The fabric is so nice n_n <3 Maybe a kimono? :P

  2. That looks amazing! And with the HTC it turned out well!

  3. Waaah, you made those pics with the HTC Desire? Lol I've been looking for a HTC too.. may I ask where you got your abbonement? ^^

  4. Jaaaa, ik was ook in ikea weetje wat ik zag? een ding, ik weet niet meer wat, dat Edstad heette, jaaahahaha