vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Shopping in Utrecht!

Heey everyone! Another post from my cellphone! At this moment Josephine is here, and tomorrow we're going to Charlie and sunday is the gals on ice meet ^^ i can't wait to see my HYPER gals again and to go for some iceskating!
But to come back on topic, today i went to the Starbucks with phien in Utrecht and went for some shopping afterwards ^^ i loooove starbucks, too bad its so expensive, but once in a while should do right?
It was fun to see phien again, its been so long xD And i did some awesome shopping! Since im updating from my phone all the pictures will end up on the bottom, from starbucks, to headshots, outfit shots (I made the jeans myself! Or atleast customized them, cause i cant find cool jeans that fit around my ass xD) and purchase shots!
I bought some dr martin replicas for only 6 euros! Theyre awesome xD a hat and gloves from the h&m, some cute bird earrings to match my bird necklace and a candle holder with a pugcharm! I love pugs hahaha so i try to collect things, since i cant yet have a pug of my own ;_;
Im looking really forward to the meeting! I hope i wont fall too much xD im not too good at iceskating hahaha
My next post will be about the meet! Oh and right tomorrow tokyo kawaii tv episode, im a bit scared D:

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