zondag 13 maart 2011

DIY: Mini candy food!

I just came across the most adorable, unbelievable and entertaining thing in ages! This product allows you to make your own miniature version of Japanese food such as Sushi, Ramen, Bento boxes and so on. The good thing is; it's all edible! They have found a way to make very realistic looking food with just some powder that is to be mixed with water. It goes into little boxes provided, you stir, let it stand, cut it, paste it together and voila! You're very own miniature Sushi, Gyoza, Dougnuts etc. I find the videos of this highly entertaining, and there is not much usefull I can say about it, so check it out for yourself! ^^

I figured out one of the main brands is Popin' Cookin', and you can buy your own miniature diy-kit over here! I wish i would've know this whilest I was still in Japan, that way I couldve actually showed you by my own pictures xD

popin cookin sushi detail
Popin! Cookin! Sushi Kit - Intellectual Education Candypopin! cookin! ramen kitpopin! cookin! sushi kitpopin! cookin! bento kit

I felt like making a blogpost about something a little light hearted. The things that are going on in Japan right now are heartbreaking, and they're giving me sleepless nights. It sounds really weird, but the more is going there, the more I start to miss it ... I hope all further disasters will stay at minimum, and that all the shit with the nuclear powerplants will be cooled down and out of the danger zone. I hope everyone's friends and family are okay, most of the people I know are doing fine, but they are outside of the affected area. Please stay safe people, and I hope the disaster will be over soon, so that it's possible to get everything back on track in Japan. (exuse my extreme lack of english, I can hardly put anything I'm thinking right now into words..)

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  1. That looks soo cool!!! I remember when i was lil Their was candies like that when i use to live in japan.....
    But now Japanese candies get crazier and crazier~ Japanese candies is THE BEST!!!

  2. So my old friend tried that.. and she said it was one of the worse things she had ever tasted in her life.
    They have them here at all the Japanese Markets if you still want one xDDDD

  3. Awsome !! I need that !
    日本頑張って~!Freaky things in Japan make me sooo sad :/ I'm missing Japan more and more since the start of this disaster.

  4. Hi Roxy~ Those are not food, they're candy! I saw these on someone's facebook page some while ago..
    I started following your blog now, by the way! x) Looking all your pretty pictures, I miss youuuuu!