vrijdag 25 maart 2011

Meeting up with the Amigo!

Yesterday I met up with my amigo Charlie for some shopping at the 'new' Primark in Hoofddorp, it's not that new to most here, but since Ive been away for half a year, I hadnt been there yet xD

I was very happy with the outfit I had created that morning xD as ever, please excuse the messy ass room in the background xD

And for once, my hair turned out really well! According to my own likings that is ;D I look like such a bitch in some of these photos hahaha, my true nature is coming out ;) (beware; shameless spam of my face)

(The only one I edited, was too lazy for the rest lol xD)

And now over to the real deal; meeting with the amigo! I hadnt seen her in quite a while, which is a shame but we're both rather busy so that makes it hard to meet up a lot ;~; As been said, we went to the primark, but it wasn't too fruitfull, i mean there were a lot of cute things, but not the things I really needed. But it's hard to go shopping when you are kind of in between seasons. xD And nooow, a spam of both our faces! XD Charlie is so cuuuute <3

After we were finished at the Primark, we first went for some food, which is a very important hobby to both of us xD THE NOMS;
And then we went to Amstelveen for a little bit of shopping there, which ended up to be way more fruitfull then the actual Primark, cause I bought the dress I had been eyeing for ages, but I thought it was too expensive, but I ran into it and it was on sale, yaaay xD
Then we decided we had shopped enough, and were in need of more food. So we went over to charlie's to make Okonomiyaki, gooood I love that stuff!


Unfortunatly after our delicious meal it was time for me to go home, which took ages because of delays with trains and it was cold and burr, but it was a good day <3 I had so much fun, and we made a lot of plans for the near future! Dutchies; look out for a small meet-up on the 18th ^^,I'll make an anouncement on the Dutch Gyaru Forum soon! So please look out for it ^^, I really want to see a lot of you girls again!
And now for the purchases of the day; at first: my primark swag, as you can see, it is not much, I've never spend this less in the Primark, it's a milestone! XD And secondly, the dress that would make even Peg bundy jealous :D No shoes, how damn classy XD
So that was it for my lousy update, But I have one more announcement to you all; Please check out Charlie's awesome giveaway if you haven't allready done that! I'm not entering, but I'm her biggest supporter <3
Over and out my loves! <3

10 opmerkingen:

  1. you look so cute! i am really so jealous at how well you and Charlie can do your hair by yourselves... i've never seen any other gaijin gyaru successfully get theirs as big! lol.

  2. You looks so pretty and you have got an amazing style *O*
    I hope we can meet soemday in netherlands!

    btw the food looks delicious @@ I think I never tried okonomiyaki

  3. i love the jealous peg bundy dress!! so cute!

  4. I LOVE your outfit in the first photo! It's super cute!

    I always love your hair too! This may be a weird question, but how long does it take to style your hair?? Whenever I try to do my hair, I get impatient and give up! :P

  5. Oh I think its a good update! I'm really glad you could hang out with Charlotte again, you guys are such sweet friends. Your outfit with the pink bows was very cute, and your photos turn out so nicely!

  6. Je ziet er mooi uit! :) Ik wil echt jouw haar, het zit echt perfect T_T Helaas heb ik niet echt goede haarstyling skills.. Je outfits zijn ook mooi! :) Ik ga binnenkort ook naar de Primark in Hoofddorp. Ik ben er nog nooit geweest, maar gelukkig koopt mijn zus er soms spulletjes voor me! ^^

    (Ik kan me niet inloggen og google account T_T Ik ben eigenlijk Marije (calenton van het gyaruforum)

  7. Your hair always looks so gorgeous! I hope I can get mine like that someday >_<;; my hair just refuses to cooperate with me when it comes to large curls! your hair is my hair inspiration~~haha!

    lovely outfits! both of you :3 looks like you had fun shopping~~

    I always have trouble making the perfect okonomiyaki ;w; it always turns out so horrible! i think i need some help with mine haha