zondag 20 maart 2011

Sweet x Rock Coordinate

Hello everyone~!
This weekend I tried to go for a sweet x rock style inspired coördinate ^^ I always see the lovely Sara Mari pulling this style of so well that I got inspired by her to give it a try! I'm really bad at styling my own outfits, they usually suck and look horrible, so I guess I just have to keep on trying xD

 Face blurred out due to lack of make-up at that time and please ignore the mess of my room xD
And a change of shoes + jacket, went outside for a cardrive and it's just hard to drive with heels on xD

I also did something different with my hair for a change, it's straight!Sort of xD Im not sure wether this really suits me or not, what do you think?

So that was my lousy update for now xD I've been really busy with school and stuff, but the good thing is: the weather is getting betteeeeeeeeer! The sun is shining and it's getting warmer, it instantly puts me in a good mood! ^^
I hope everyone will enjoys it's sunday <3

8 opmerkingen:

  1. What a cute coordinate!! *o* You look lovely!!! And your hair is so welldone!! Love it!!! *o*

  2. I like your outfit, and your hair ^^

  3. i love your outfit !
    your such a beauty !!!
    you a wonderful *O*

  4. Woo ik zag m op je Tumblr, vind t echt vet :D je haar ook echt super stoer!!
    superfab babe <3

  5. It looks so adorable! I love your jeants *__* they are perfect with that outfit! I think you did a great job~~
    Pink is my favorite color so I LOVE this outfit<3

  6. Beautiful outfit, you know I just love it! I think the jeans are so perfect, I want jeans like that too XD When you wear it with the jacket it looks super cool indeed. I agree, when the sunshine comes out, its so much happier!

  7. heyy
    i saw that your from the Netherlands, so am i!
    :D ik ben ook fan van gyaru style ^^