maandag 14 maart 2011

Watch your back Ma*rs!

I was browsing the Ma*rs site for some inspiration for upcoming sewing projects when I came across this! Now I know Ma*rs is one of the leading Koakuma brands, and their style is based on a mixture between sexy, mature but still cute. And that usually their stuff tends to look a bit short and slutty (i love it, as long as you dress according to your body shape) but the fact that this model has her buttcheek peeping out of her skirt makes me question Ma*rs' decision on this outfit xD There is still a thin line between sexy and slutty, but this definetly goes in my slutty book :P Even though I am planning to remake this outfit, with a bit of a longer skirt ;) So girls, watch your back!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha! It IS a short skirt. Although you can tell she has a petite body, I think the skirt is a little small for her.

    If I saw a girl with her butt cheek showing, I wouldn't think she's a slut, I'd feel embarrassed for her. And if it *my* butt cheek hanging out, I'd blame it on my huge butt, not on the cute skirt!

  2. oh gosh, sometimes i wonder what drugs Ma*rs fashion creators are on... they keep on surprising me more and more with their outfits~~~!!! i think as a longer item, it will look great! :3

  3. It's beautiful! They're always coming out with the cutest clothes ever ♥

  4. suzu nishimura21 juli 2012 om 19:36

    omg i love your blog! you look awesome !
    i am your new reader :D

    Thanks for your friendrequest. i hope we can talk :D