zaterdag 30 april 2011

Will lack proper updates~

Heyy everyone,
I will not be able to make any proper updates for a while, because my laptop gave up, it is now only working vertically xD aside from that, i dont have internet in my new appartment anymore, and i dont know when i can arrange it ... so luckily i have a phone with internet to keep myself a little updated xD
On the other hand i have some great news, i have finally found an internship and i will start upcoming monday!^^
I will pick the winners of the giveaway tomorrow! By random ofcourse through random number generators ^^
And please hold on till im able to make a proper update again! :) and for now, a picture of how my laptop looks working:

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Rooooooooox! Kan je niet op 't internet van de buuuuurtjes?

    Top van die stageplek!

  2. Only from the side?! lol what?

  3. Wow, that's crazy, and if you lay it flat it will shut off? Hope it gat well soon, LOL. Also good luck on your internship. I am actually looking for one myself, kekeke


  4. Lol, dat is wel een hele aparte manier om op je laptop te werken. XD Maar wel balen dat je nu grotendeels zonder internet zit.

    En succes op je nieuwe stage!

  5. haha your poor laptop xDDD;;

    well i hope that you can find a new laptop soon then!

  6. That is sooo strange!

    I'm glad you got an internship, congratulations!

  7. Hahaha ! What a pain >.< but it's a quiet funny case !
    Congrats for your internship :3 & 頑張ってね :3

  8. Well done on the internship!

    That is why I prefer Desktops over Laptops lol!