zondag 26 juni 2011

Blogger Awards~!

Hello Everyone!
It's sunday again which means I can make an update because I'm at my moms place stealing the internet xD I reaaaaaaally hope that somewhere this month we will have internet at my new house u_u
But to get to the subject, this week I recieved 2 blogger awards! I feel sooo honoured :) The first one I got from the lovely English gal Eilish and the second one from my dear friend and mother of awesome hairstyles Charlotte! Now apperantly there were a few rules attached, so here they go ^^,

1. Say something about the person who gives you the award.
2. Write something about yourself and your aim with your blog.
3. Give the award to 9 bloggers you like! (don't forget to tell them!)

I'll start with Eilish :)

I was very fortunate to meet Eilish and her friend Niijii in Kyoto when I was in Japan! She is really sweet and they both pull of Manba really well~! Nowadays she goes for a more 'toned down' version of gyaru and it looks amazing on her as well ^^, I feel honoured to get this award from her! And do not forget to check out her blog! ^^,

Second up is Charlotte! She is one of my best friend and one of the greatest gyaru I know, if it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't be anywhere in this style :) Aside from the fact that she is a huge inspiration for me, she is always there for me and we've been through bitter and sweet times together, and I don't think we will leave eachothers side anytime soon :) Please check out her blog with fabulous coördinates, amazing hair and great news on gyaru and shoppings ^^,

And now for number 2;
I don't really think I have a lot to say about myself, cause I never considered myself as much of an interesting person haha. I can however tell you about my aspirations for this blog~ I definetly want to become a better blogger, I want to make more entries with more varieties, and besides the fact that I'm making quite some (hair)tutorials at the moment, I want to show my other 'talent' and create tutorials on how to craft nice gyaru things ^^, All and all I just want to become better, but that is something that I will start working on as soon as I have internet acces in my own room again ;~; I do however want to thank all my followers for always being sooo sweet! <3 If it wasn't for you all I wouldn't have enjoyed blogging as much as I do now :)

Numbeeeeeeeeeeer 3! Nominate 9 bloggers for the award ^^,
Oh dear oh dear, this will be hard because there are sooooo many blogs I like to read! All of your blogs are fabulous :) Therefor I chose gals that are also a big inspiration to me ^^, Please click the pictures to go to their blogs!
Like I said, all of you have fabulous blogs, but these are a few of the gaijin gyarus that really inspire me ! ^^, For the ones that got the award, no need to do anything with it, I just really wanted to give it to you ^^,

That's it for the update! Upcoming saturday I will go to Paris, wooohoohooo~! I will go there for my internship because the designer I work at has her show at the Couture week on monday ^^, I've been dubbing about my outfits a loooong time, but I think ill try and go for a mode gyaru look, lets see if I can pull that off~

And on another note; I update the site of my gal circle HYPER completely, includding it's 2 new members, Reiko and Velvetbat! ^^,

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  1. Thank you so much for including me in your list, that is so kind and generous of you! I feel like I don't deserve to be in the group of photos with all those amazing gals #TT#

  2. Awww, thank you for the award, Rox!! ^__^ I'm really so grateful~ ♥

  3. You'll be in Paris?! Me too!!
    I'm living here right now as I had to leave Japan D:

  4. wow, such a nice blog!
    Lovely gal!<33