donderdag 2 juni 2011

The Carcrash in Düsseldorf

Okay, before anyone goes on reading this post, i want to say that this is not a regular post, in this post I will describe what happened on the carcrash I recently had in Düsseldorf. Someone told me it would be good to write about the whole experience, and I thought making a blogpost about it would be a good idea for those who want to know more about the details of it all. The reason I'm writing about this is because I want to try and clear my head, and get all the details as clear as possible. So this post will have a negative undertone, and if you don't want to read it I would stop here if I were you. I'm making a post about the gal meeting after this one, to try and keep the things seperated in my mind. Sorry if things in this post wont make sense, but it's hard to describe something in english and without images. So now I will try and describe everything as detailed as possible.

On the 28th of may me, Charlotte, Josephine and Jessica where on our way to Düsseldorf, and on the last turn, when we were nearly there at the station, the crash happened. It happened on a crossing, where we wanted to turn left. Both lights for me were green, the one to go straight ahead, and the one to turn left. So in front of me there was a car that turned left, and then there was a pretty big van in front of me. I couldn't see much so i steered a little bit to the left, to try and see pass the van if it was okay for me to turn left. And the nose of my car had hardly passed the van and then all of the sudden, BOOM. Someone from straight ahead rammed into us. From the moment I saw that car in the corner of my eyes, till the moment our car had stopped turning and stood still, I had a blackout. I can't remember anything anymore from the inbetween time. Charlie and Josephine said that they thought that moment lasted for half an hour, while I have no memory of the whole thing. As soon as I regained my conciousness from that blackout, my immediate reaction was to try and start the car to go off the crossing to a saver haven. At that moment I didnt know how big the impact had been and how severe the damage was. Josephine told me I should keep the car on the spot, and at that moment I think my focus went back at a 100%. I looked around to see if my friends were okay, that was the moment where I saw charlie's head bleeding and I instantly tried to look for a scarf or something alike, and when I couldn't find that I ripped the ribbon of josephines dress, (i made the ribbon myself so dont worry, i wasnt destroying someones dress xD) and I told Charlie to hold it against her head. In this time the driver of the other car walked up to our car, saw we were dutch and tried to communicate with us in english, he called '911', the ambulance, the police etc. I remember what he said even though he spoke in german, he talked about a crash, 4 dutch girls, a small car, and that Charlie was bleeding from her head etc. I waited in the car and tried to calm everyone down, and I didnt want to step out untill the police came. So i looked at the damage my car had taken, it was a complete wreck. The glass from the windows on the passenger's side had been destroyed completely, there was glass everywhere, in our clothes, our shoes, our hair, our bags, and all over the car. I think the midframe of the car had dented in about 30 cm, so we were unable to open the car from the passenger's side.
After a while the police came, and asked us to step out of the car, they asked if we were okay, and the people from the ambulance took Charlie to see how her head was doing. Everyone was ofcourse in shock, and most of us had a few bruises and scratches from the belt. They checked if we were allright, and from that moment I kind of switched to automatic pilot, because of handeling and organizing everything there is not a lot I can remember clearly. I know I tried to reach my mom, but she was unreachable, i tried to reach my sister and our home phone, but all were unreachable. The police officer started talking to me, luckily in english because my german skills aren't that advanced. He asked for my license, my ID and the car papers, and I handed them all over. He asked how it happend, and from everything I rememberd at that time I tried to explain to him what had happened. I think other officers were talking to the other man, but at that moment I was so busy with checking how my girls were doing, and with taking care off all kinds of other stuff. After a while, at the corner of the crossing I saw Sascha, and I think he recognized us, but I started jumping and waving towards him, and I was so happy he came around. He was helping us translate, and taking care of things. I really think we wouldn't have been where we are now if he didn't come around to help us. In the middle of me talking to the police my mom called back, so I let josephine pick up the phone, and luckily she was calm and explained what happened and that we were all okay. After taking care of other things the police first asked us to move the car, so I was like yeah sure ill move the car. But then all of the sudden there was allready a pickup truck, and we would have to pay 50 euros allready because that car drived to the spot, and it would cost a total of 100 euros if we would let that car bring my car to their place. This is the point where it started to get a bit hectic. I was on the phone with my mom, that told me they should bring the car to a parking place and that she knew someone that could come and pick my car up, at the same time there were about 5 men around me that all wanted something from me (woh, never had that before.) So I told them to bring it to some parking spot, and luckily Sascha offered to switch his car with mine, and off the truck went. But then my mom called me back that the person she thought could pick up my car wasnt able to do so because his trailer wasn't big enough to carry a car. So that meant we were in bigger trouble, but first there were more things to be taken care of. There were a lot of talks about insurance, and about what happened and this went on for a while, while i was calling back and forth with my mom about who would pick us up and how, and at one point we had a sort of 4 way indirect phone conversation with my mom, and charlie with her mom about picking us up etc etc. In the end it was decided my mom would come and pick us up, so that was setteled. This is where most things were slowely coming to an end. The ambulance had gone, the pickup truck, and most inspectors/ officers were also gone, the mess was cleaned up and then one of the police officers came up to me. And he said that the crash, was my fault. That I was the one responsible for this, and that I was to blame for this whole fiasco. He said it was because I didn't know the german rules, and that I had to wait for people coming from straight ahead, because apperantly, the other driver also had green light. And he had an 'eyewithness' that was taking his side and said that we popped up out of nowhere. Josephine told me that he didn't saw anybody driving behind him, so she wonders where that withness came from. I personally think that the officer was taking advantage of us, because we were 4, young, dutch girls, that stepped out of that car dressed up like 4 barbie dolls, while still being shocked and flabbergasted. Everything we said to the police, wasn't really being taking into account, it seemed like they didnt care about what we had to say, and that they took the side of the german guy immideatly. And to me that was very frustrating, because it seemed like there was an unfair game, and I think there are many ways to prove that I am not the main cause of this accident. These are all technical things that i won't describe too much because they are hard to describe without images etc. I felt a bit hopeless because there wasn't anything i could bring against the officer, so i just had to stand there like 'okay'. So there was the end, the police wandered off, and left me and my friends together with the other guy and his little daughter, we both got a police rapport, but the police did not want to give me his insurance details. He said it was something the insurance would fight out, and that there was no need for me to have those papers.
I told the man I was really happy that nothing happened to him or his little girl, and we shook hands and went our own way. I don't think that at this point i really realized what had just happened. Somewhere in the middle of this all, another Jessica, a really sweet girl and friend of Sascha had joined us, but I can't really remember when where or how it happened. She was there with us till the end, and then guided us to where our car was, and where sascha was waiting for us. When we arrived at the car, we decided to leave everything for what it was for a while, to go to the meetup, and have fun, and meet everyone we wanted to meet, while in the meanwhile of that, I was calling all day with my mom, my insurance, my uncle (who would come to pick us up) etc etc, my mind was really occupied unfortunatly, but after a lot of stress and waiting and calling, it was settled in the end, there was a car picking up my dear car Truus, because there was no way of saving her anymore, she had been completely wrecked.
I can't really describe all the feelings and thoughts that were going through my mind, I felt sad that I wouldn't have a car anymore, and that the day didn't go as planned, because we had been looking forward to this day for 2 months. But on the other hand, I was extremely happy that we were all still alive, and that nobody was severly hurt, and that we all got of with a shock and some bruises and muscle ache. The thoughts that were going through my mind at that moment were driving me crazy, even though I know I shouldnt think for the others, I felt like I had ruined everybodys day, and that I had brought everyone's life in danger. The weight of the fact i was responsible for the life of my friends was driving me crazy, i kept thinking what if, what if. I know these are the wrong thoughts and that they don't make sense, but at a moment like that you cant help but feel responsible for everything that happened. And the moment, it all sort of came true to me, is when I got home, with everyone at my moms place, that is where the shock really hit me I think, I broke down, and cried and just couldnt stop crying, crying about what happened, about the fact I didn't have a car anymore, but also about the fact that I was the luckiest person alive for still having my friends by my side, and all unharmed. I can never begin to describe how happy I am that nothing worse had happened, while it easily could have. I feel like our bond is now even stronger, and that we can take on anything we want! I once again want to thank Sascha and Jessica for everything they have done for us, you both are way to kind <3
As you can see, it is all still chaotic in my head, you can definetly see it by the way this post is written, everythings is running through eachother, and i bet there are a lot of details that are still missing. If anybody has read it till this far, I want to thank you, it means a lot to me. I will now/ soon make the post about the meetup we had with all the amazing gals in germany, everyone was so sweet! I hope to meet everyone again soon :)

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  1. It's a shocking experience. Even if no one got hurt, the impact of a car crash and the damage on an automobile can make for a chilling sight. It could have been much worse, but in the end, it's best to look on the bright side: you weren't hurt, and that's pretty great!

  2. Yes I'm fine, thank you!! My car got a little damage!! But yours is amazing.. I'm so happy you're all fine! 

  3. Het was wel vrij ernstig ja :p Maar ik kan me van het moment van het ongeluk ook niks meer herrineren. ik herriner me alleen nog dat we van de weg afschoten en daarna weer dat ik op de kop lag.. xD Mijn moeder had gelukkig haar arm uitgestoken zodat ik niet door de voorruit vloog xD

    En ik zal het wel erg leuk vinden als ik kan komen! Alleen ga ik op die datum misschien op vakantie :( Anders kom ik waarschijnlijk wel! ^^

  4. Het klinkt allemaal heel erg heftig en ik kan me goed voorstellen dat je het eerste moment helemaal in shock bent en alles. En dat dan juist iedereen op je af komt (politie, andere man, die ophaaltruck, etc) is natuurlijk ook ineens too much to handle.
    Wel ontzettend lullig van die politieagent dat hij jou de schuld geeft van het ongeluk. Het klinkt mij inderdaad ook alsof die andere man de schuldige is en niet jij. (maar goed, ik rij geen auto dus ik weet ook niet alles qua verkeersregels enzo). Maar kans is wel groot dat hij jullie heeft benadeeld omdat jullie inderdaad jong zijn, buitenlands en mooi uiterlijk... :/

    Maar inderdaad wel heel fijn dat jullie er zonder grote letsels er vanaf zijn gekomen.

    Hoe gaat het nu met je spierpijnen en hoofdpijn? Lukt het rust houden een beetje?
    Heb je trouwens ook (een paar dagen) na de crash weer een stukje auto gereden? Zat er toen nog schrik in of ging dat wel weer?

    Maar inderdaad wel goed dat je het even van je af hebt geschreven. Vaak helpt dat wel, om meer ruimte in je hoofd te krijgen en alles op een rijtje voor jezelf te zetten.

  5. OMG girls I hope you're all fine!!! I also had a car crash today!! >__< But not as heavy as yours!! I know your feelings..They were taking advantage of the situation!! >__<  Anyway , please, take care everyone!! 

  6. Ik ben echt blij dat alles goed afgelopen is! Wel erg sneu van die politie om zomaar een kant te kiezen. :l Ik weet wel een beetje hoe je je voelt, want ik heb ook een keer een zwaar autoongeluk gehad waar ik ook zonder schaafplek of wat dan ook vanaf kwam! Bij ons werd de hele auto over de kop gesmeten en lag hij op zijn dak en ik had mijn gordels niet eens om :l We hebben echt geluk gehad!

    Ook echt zonde van de auto! Het is wel leuk dat jullie in ieder geval nog wel mensen van de meeting hebben ontmoet! Dan was het misschien toch nog wel de moeite waard! :)

  7. Wel fijn dat het iets beter gaat met je, maar hopelijk gaat die hoofdpijn ook snel weg!
    En oja, met die medicijnen is het inderdaad verstandiger even te wachten met autorijden. XD

    Maar het verhaal was eigenlijk helemaal niet chaotisch. Het was best duidelijk te volgen. ^_^

  8. wooow... gewoon 1 woord woow... omg egt erggg :( pfff kheb alles gelezen en ik was niet eens op de helft en ik dachtte dat ik het ergste al had gelezen maar twerd alleen maar erger :O omg ben wel blij dat iedereen levend van af is gekomen <3 :) be carefull and stay safe <3 :(

  9. It sounds horrible :( I'm glad that anyone of your friends nor  you are unharmed. I know that officers can be unfair when you look "other" and so :( I hope you'll get better soon, i know it's really depressing from  experience.

  10. Oh my god!! For one, i'm so glad you and the other girls are okay and not seriously injured! But for a second thing, wtf with the police?? The law really talks bullshit sometimes, and I definitely agree with you that because you were all so fabulous and such, they decided to blame you entirely! It's really wrong!

    On a side note, classy photo! I hope you manage to sort out a new car soon!