maandag 13 juni 2011

Hairmake post; Messy Faux Hawk

(Post from mobile phone, layout will appear bad)

Hey everyone~ Im glad to see that Im not losing too many followers even though my posting is very lacky... I am extremely busy and I hope to have internet within a month u_u but anyway onwards to the subject of a post!
Because my doctor told me to take a rest for a whole week, so no tv, internet, reading, sewing etc. So what do you do? Browse magazines and make some hairstyles! This is the hairstyle I posted a tutorial of in my last post. And ofcourse I wouldnt be making a tutorial without trying it on myself first ;) So yeah the hairstyle is not easy to do yourself because you need a lot of work on the back of your head, but i think it turned out allright :) i hope you all like it <3
Oh and Im wearing my new Sesame Grey lenses here from the tsubasa series ^^,
I hope I will be able to post more in the future! There will be more hairmake posts and more tutorials! I will try and make another one this weekend :)

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