donderdag 2 juni 2011

HYPER x Boggy PeaK Meet-up!

And now it's time for that actual meet-up :D I'll mostly spam you with pictures xD I had been looking forward to this meeting for months, i couldn't wait to meet all those fabulous gals! So on friday Charlie, Josephine and Jessica came over to my place, so we would all go there together the next day. The morning was so much fun, getting dressed, doing our hair, my whole place was a mess, filled with curlers, make-up, clothes, etc XD When they went for a quick walk in the morning to take out some cash, i decided to quickly sneak some outfit shots xD The pictures turned out blurry but they were just quick u_u I was wearing my pink lenses btw! You can hardly see it, but I was wearing them! XD

on the roaaaaad;

When we arrived at the station (after the crash) I was pleasantly shocked by all the amazing and stylish gals I saw! I really wish the Netherlands would have more Gyarus, at this moment I still feel like we are low in numbers u_u But I also feel like it's growing! The first thing we did at the station was going to our fellow HYPER members Kari and Estherbell, and they looked absolutely fabulous as well! <3 Then I tried to meet as many of the girls as possible, unfortunatly I couldn't introduce myself to everybody u_u Then we went to the burger king because we had to wait another hour for some girls~ And ofcourse, with burgerking, come burgerking rituals!

Hairspray in the burgerking, forever and ever XD
The spray that saved my hair! XD next time I should totally spray it on my car :')
With charlie, I was enjoying that chocolate coconut milkshake for 2 sips, after that I was calling insurances etc, and then I forgot it at the Burgerking xD So sucky!
Kari looking fabulous on the left, and Jessica looking fabulous on the right! (In the golds inspired dress I made for her, it suits her so nicely! ^^)

Estherbell found something she liked xD And the man behind her seemed to share that opinion xD

After we went to the burgerking we went to the japan store to take Purikura! We had to wait in line so long that we started running out of time unfortunatly ;~; But we first went into the Purimachine with the heroes of the day; Sascha and Jessica! She made the dress she was wearing herself as well, it was sooooo cuuuute~! *0* it was hard to get 8 people into that machine, but I think we made some great shots! XD


After that, the girls from HYPER stayed in the booth to make some as well! This was the first time we made Purikura with the whole circle! But now those pictures feel incomplete, because we have recently added 2 new members! ^^ But I'll tell more about that another time~

While we were decorating the pictures, my uncle called me that he almost arrived at Düsseldorf station, so we hardly had time D: But we decided to snap some groupshots :D Unfortunatly we couldn't catch everyone in the group picture u_u next time, we need to have atleast one hour to take pictures with everyone! XD

And with some of my girls from HYPER, for some reason I love this photo xD Because I love photos with friends <3

And Charlie and I wanted a quick shot with Pai! <3
She and all the other girls and guys I met today are so nice and fabulous, I just can't believe it! I hope I will one day be as stylish as they are u_u And I really really hope you are all able to come to the international meet in the Netherlands, from the 22nd of July till the 24th of July! You can find more information here! We will go to the beach one day, and to Amsterdam the other day! At the moment beach will be saturday, and amsterdam Sunday, but some girls suggested to change that and go to Amsterdam on Saturday, and beach on Sunday, but this will be up for vote ! :)
For now I must say I had a really great but unfortunatly short time with everyone! and I really hope to meet everyone again soooooon! <3 HYPER will try its best and come to Japantag :D

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  1. Aw looks like you all had tons of fun! ^o^ So sorry about the crash but I'm glad that all of you girls are okay! At least you had fun the rest of the time! And look so fabulous too ^_~

    Oh darn! I'll be in Utrecht at the end of September :( too late for me! <3333

  2. You all are so cute! Unfortunately I can not come to the meet up in Amsterdam. It's too expensive! :( But I hope I will see you on Japanday in October! Then we can take more pictures! Sadly on that day it was very hectic and everybody ran around! So it was hard to talk with everybody! xD
    Have a nice day! :)

  3. OMG you all have such a CUTE style! LOVE IT! ^-^

  4. You ARE just as stylish! I love your style!

  5. De foto's zijn echt heel leuk! :D Ik had ze al op facebook gezien. :P maar het ziet er wel gezellig uit. En iedereen ziet er ook heel mooi uit! <3

     En lol @ die cyber. XD Ondanks dat ik zelf ook cyber ben geweest, heb ik nooit van zulke blote outfits gehouden. :p Maar goed, wel gaaf dat zij het gewoon aandoet en verder niks van aantrekt wat andere mensen er van vinden natuurlijk.

    En dat jurkje wat je voor Jessica had gemaakt ziet er ook gaaf uit trouwens!

  6. Very nice pictures! And you looked pretty as allways! =D

  7. Ja ik had het gezien van die cyber haar reactie op facebook. XD

    En wat leuk dat je je eigen jurkje zelf ook hebt gemaakt! Die is ook heel mooi. ^^

    En ja, volgende keer kom ik zeker ook bij meets! :D (en neem ik mijn fototoestel weer mee. ^^) En sowieso ben ik ook van plan om bij de grote internationale meet minimaal 1 dagje te komen. :D

  8. Bah you all look great and looks like you had a great time too. I love, love, love the mini tophat!

  9. Niiiiiiiiiiice! All you gals are fabulous! Keep up the good work^^