zaterdag 30 juli 2011

End of my Internship ~Paris Haute Couture Week

So, yesterday was the day where my internship at Iris van Herpen was coming to an end. Iris van Herpen is a dutch fashion designer that has recently been added as a member to chambre syndicale de la couture, and I've been doing an internship for 3 months there. I had to travel for almost 5 hours ( D: ) every day to her studio, so I had to leave my home at 7:15, and I would return around 21:00, so loooong days they were. But I must say that it was an amazing experience and I had lots of fun with all the interns I've met. That's the sad thing about saying goodbye, I don't know when I will so those girls and guys again.

But part of my internship there was coming along to the Paris Haute Couture week, where Iris had her show on a monday. Some of you might have allready read this on my Facebook, but basically all the interns were coming along to Paris for a few days to help out with the show! Me and another Intern, Genesis, were asked to drive to Paris with a huge van stuffed with collection pieces, which was amazing and fun. But driving in Paris is honestly a pain in the ass, so many asocial drivers, where did they get that from?! Anyhow, during our stay in Paris Gen and I had to drive back and forth a lot with the vans to pick up outfits, bring them from the press agency to the show location and back and lalala. A lot of the days we were working, but we basically had two days off. The first day we went to a park to sit in (place des voges) were apperantly people come to be beautiful, and I defenitly saw some beautiful people, nomnom ;p and the second day off was after the show, and we went to do some sightseeing, even though I had allready seen every tourist place in paris, I decided to still tag along.
The showday itself was very hectic, a lot of work had to be done, and I was backstage during the show, which was an incredible experience, but it all happened so fast that I can hardly remember the details of it. It was really cool though, to see the pieces i've been working on quite hard going on the runway. I'll show you some of the pieces I made, mostly together with Sanne and Genesis. My favorite is the one with the black triangles, they were rather hard to put together, but they looked amazing on the runway <3
This was one very heavy dress...

And there is me, sort of backstage together with Sanne, taking care of the backdrop. (Picture stolen from Sarah)

And now I will just bore you with some other pictures I took in Paris, because I don't really know what all to talk about ^^"

Me and genesis after we finally arrived in Paris. (can you imagine that the hotest boys we've seen in Paris started flirting with us as soon as we got in the metro?)

And now for some photos I stole from Genesis;

As you can see, my outfits weren't special, rather boring actually, all black and white, 'cause daaaaaaaaamn it was hot outside xD I do have 2 completly different headshots xD and yes, I am more then aware that one the first one my extensions are really shiny haha. And the second one was 5 minute make-up, so nothing really special xD
And now I'm out of inspiration for this post, but I think this all will do :P

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  1. Hey,
    Thanx a lot for ur post it's really inspiring)
    I am going to have an interview with Sarah at Iris van Herpen.... A bit nervous ....)
    Would you please be so kind to tell me about ur internship, like what did u do in the studio? How was ur first interview, what do they expect from interns? How was ur day like? What would be ur main advice?
    Thank you,

  2. Hey, it was great reading about your internship with Iris Van Herpen. Im a huge fan of her work myself and love how she makes such unique pieces. Infact, i applied for an internship and I will be starting in Feb , hopefully "fingers crossed". 
    I was surfing throw the net to read some reviews on internships at iris van herpen and I was happy I came across yours. I won't lie I am nervous but excited at the same time to go for it. 
    You travelled for 5 hours.. I'm actually living in another country. I'm coming from Dubai, all the way to Netherlands just for that internship.

    I just wanted to discuss a few things with you about the internship, if thats alright with you.. since I'm coming from another country, I feel i should make sure about everything before i go. 

    I'm sure you must be feeling on top of the world when u were working for the Paris show, backstage. Its a great feeling.