woensdag 27 juli 2011

Gyaru Challenge: Pigtails

I was challenged to do a Pigtail hairstyle~! With this cute picture as an example;
I did it a little different by only using the top part of my hair xD maybe some of you have seen it in the invite video for our Gyaru Fashionshow at the Abunai, but since the contrast was so high I used so many hair accesoires you could hardly see anymore xD So now, pigtails~! The quality of the pictures are really bad but that is because they were taken with my phone, and i was running out of time xD And the last one is with FLASH, makes me look, interesting ...
I did feel a tad childish with pigtails, usually i feel 'sexy' wearing galstyle, but this made me feel a bit immature, but i did really like the hairstyle :P Maybe my forhead is too large for this as well xD

So that's it for the Pigtail challenge~! If you have more challenges for me, please challenge me HERE I would like to recieve more challenges! For next week I will probably do; GYARU-O! xD Lets see if that works ... And I feel honoured to say that one of my great gaijin gal inspirations has joined the Gyaru challenge too! ^^, Mitsuko / Leila is a gorgeous Russian gal that has recently joined the Gyaru challenge, so please challenge her there!

And please look forward to a make-up tutorial I will make! I hope people will be interested in it ^^, This week is my last week of internship, so next week I have time to do it!

And soon I will make a post about last meet-up~! It was a lot of fun, that's for sure!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. You look cute! <3 Good for a change :3

  2. Ooh girl, you look TOO cute! ^o^ I love it! I feel like pigtails would just make me look so silly, but it looks so fabulous on you! I love what you're wearing also :)

  3. it's cute, but somehow i think it doesn't really work for you.... i guess maybe you'd need to have bangs to really work the pigtail look... it's nice to see you experimenting with new stuff though! i wish i was able to do my hair as good as you! XD

  4. De staartjes staan je schattig, maar maken je inderdaad wel een stuk jonger! Maar dat heb ik ook als ik staartjes in mijn haar doe. :p

    En ik kijk erg uit naar je gyaru-o resultaten! Zoals ik al in Amsterdam zei, wil ik zelf ook heel graag gyaru-o doen, dus ik ben benieuwd hoe jouw resultaten zijn! ^_^

  5. Ziet er wel leuk uit die staartjes! Kan me wel voorstellen dat je je jonger voelt ermee ^^

  6. Kari van der Voort21 juli 2012 om 19:46

    Bij ziet het er ook raar uit, krijg ik een vet jong uiterlijk van >.<
    Maar op de foto staat het je goed~ ^^