zondag 17 juli 2011

International Gyaru Day, small HYPER meetup!

Hii everyone! Today I'm finally able to blog again since I'm at my moms home, the fact that I still dont have internet in my room is killing me because I have so many things I want to blog about :< I've been losing followers, and I don't blame you cause this blog isnt that active, but I do want it to be.. So I am going to try to blog a lot today, and schedule some posts for the upcoming week!

First I would like to tell you about a very small and nice meetup with some of my fellow HYPER members on international gyaru day! The fact that it was int. gyaru day was just a coincidence because we had allready planned this meet :P We had a little styling day ^^ Charlotte and me helped our new members with stuff such as hair and makeup, it was so nice to do! I love trying to help people with the stuff I know, I might not know much but I did my best! xD I did the make-up, and charlie did most of the hair, everyone turned out so fabulous <3 So for now I'll stop talking and start posting pictures! XD

That day's outfit, bedroom-kei xD
Aaand that day's hairmake! I was pretty pleased with how it turned out! ^^

The following pictures are made by Velvetbat :) (You can see my -messy- room/ house btw! xD)
Marije's finished look!
Reiko's Finished look!
And Velvetbat's finished look ^^ (She did her make-up herself, and her hair has been inspired by a hairdo of Himena! ^^)

I had so much fun today, and along with this post I would like to introduce you all to our new HYPER members! :) We recently added 3 lovely girls to our circle, we're getting bigger! <3 I'm really happy to see our circle growing and progressing, and I love meeting new people ^^

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  1. Awh you all look fantastic! I really envy your hairstyling skills... So so pretty *__*

  2. its so nice to help newcomers with hair,make up etc
    and i love ur hairstyle
    so awesome

  3. There is so much beautiful hair in this post :D

  4. I so love your hair! I wish I would get it!!
    Hope you have internet soon again and right now I'm looking at your new members!

  5. You all look amazing ♥ I just love your hair!

  6. Your make up and hairstyles are great!! *_______*  You girls are so beautiful!!

  7. You guys are so cute! I wish you could come do my hair and makeup too!