zondag 31 juli 2011

International Gyaru Meeting

Last weekend there was an International Gyaru meeting here in the netherlands, which I love because it is amazing to meet people from all over the world~! This time most of the visitors came from sweden and norway and someone from germany. I hope that in the future there will be an event somewhere, somehow where I can meet so many gals from so many different countries, that would be amazing!

So first we had SATURDAY! Where we went to Amsterdam to meet up at the station, where the group would split in 2. My group went for some shopping and some food, and the other group went to the sexmuseum, later up we would meet again, then split again, and then meet again in the end to eat at the wagamama, then split again after that to go out for some party. That's basically how the day went down, so I will mostly bore you with pictures :D

First off, my hairmake, because im lacking proper pictures of my outfit/ make-up etc xD

This year HYPER did a theme outfit where everybody had 2 big bows in different colours ^^,

Here is the first groupshot! We almost had all of HYPER together, but unfortunatly Josephine was ill and she couldn't make it ;n; But in this picture you do see a lot of new members! Let me introduce them to you! From left to right: Estherbel, Kari, Velvetbat, Reiko, Me, Jessica and Marije. And Charlotte and Juul (who became a member of our circle that day! :D) are holding the flag! I made the flag and the fans to promote our circle, i love them xD

 And another groupshot! with Reiko, Kari, Velvetbat, Sascha, Charlotte & Marije @ Toprow and Estherbell, me, Jess and Linda @ Bottomrow

And now for the grouppicture of everyone together!

And ofcourse, it was raining so we couldn't really make a proper groupshot, so everyone is cramped together under a small roof and its shadowy, BUT, it is a groupshot with everyone :D
And some pictures of the Wagamama, where we ate delicious fooooood!
I'm so proud of my HYPER gals, every single one of them looked gorgeous <3

Later in the evening we decided to go out, we first wanted to go to a 90's now party, but then we decided to drag Juul, Sascha, Imke and Max out of their hotel and we went to a bar that was around the corner and danced the night away xD


I don't have much pictures of the next day, but we basically had a great breakfast and Charlie's place, and lateron her mom took us to cute lounge near the sea. Unfortunatly it was very windy, because sometimes i love walking over the beach and stuff, but we were literally blown away hahaha. After that we met up with the group of international gals for some Pizza! Then our ways parted and we all went home.
I was pretty sad it was over because I love having my girls around and having fun like this. I definetly miss it, but now I have vacation, i have more time to meetup with everybody and have fun! <3
Everybody, please remember our event @ Abunai! Some international Gals n Guys are coming as well, and I would love to see you there! <3

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  1. Het was echt heel gezellig die dag! :D
    En je vlag was ook echt gaaf en de foto's daarmee zijn ook superleuk geworden! :D
    Alleen jammer dat ik niet bij het eten en uitgaan kon zijn, helaas. Want het ziet er wel heel gezellig uit in ieder geval!

  2. hi i just started following you, and wow you are all so pretty.i love the way you do your hair its perfect :O hehe baiii <3

  3. Hi Rox!! (≧▽≦)♥♥♥
    I'm a new follower of yours since few days! I
    discovered your blog thanks to your circle lens reviews (because you have blue eyes and that was what I was looking for ^^). I watched your whole blog and I have to say omg your so so soooo beautiful
    *o* and I'm very curious about european gyaru community, I didn't know about it before °.° (we're late in france you know xD)
    I can't wait for your next updates! <3
    Take care ♥♥

    ps: I would be so honored if you would take a look at my new blog >///<'
    --> http://lovemintmilk.blogspot.com/
    Thank you :3

    ~ Mint