woensdag 20 juli 2011

Lolita summer picknick

On to a subject you probably wouldnt expect from me, lolita! Some of you might know, that I've been into lolita for quite some years before I entered gyaru. Actually is lolita where I found a lot of my closest friends, which are also fellow HYPER members! I met them all at one of the first summer picknicks of the dutch lolita forum, and ever since our ways kept growing closer together. So it is kind of a tradition to go to the summer picknicks every year, just for old time's sake ^^, And ofcourse, I had to make a new outfit again, cause I have trouble wearing the same things again and again :P So now, on to some pictures of the meetup!

At first, headshot! I went for a sort of goth/gal makeup, and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. And did you know I recently got my septum pierced? :D

Outfitshot, that is a bit blurry xD

And now for some more photos of fuuuuuuuun! the following pictures are taken by Niesje
Niesje, Me, Leilanie and Anne

With Niesje, who usually wears goth but looks adorable in sweet!
with Estherbel and Charlie

The following pictures are taken by Estherbel xD
how not to eat carrots, demonstrated by us
Straight faces? NEVER!

me, Velvetbat, who rocks cyberlolita! Bel and Charlie, all HYPER members!
Kari, me, Charlie, Bel and Velvetbat, once again, all HYPER members, but not in gyaru :D

All and all I had some great fun and it was nice to wear lolita again for a change! and I think as long as the others will remain going to the summer picknick, I wont leave their side and also go :)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. lolita rly fits u)

  2. It was a fun meetup!
    And nice to see you again, after a long time ^^
    You looked amazing, as always. Black looks great on you ♥

  3. Ik vond je make-up en outfit erg mooi! :D En sowieso vond ik de meet erg leuk, en ook leuk om zo met hyper-in-lolita op de foto te gaan. :P (ik toren wel boven jullie uit op mijn plateau's zeg XD)
    Je ziet wel duidelijk in je lolita outfit dat je geinspireerd bent door gyaru, wat ik zelf ook erg leuk vind en ook (hime)gyaru haar en make-up in mijn lolita outfits wil verwerken. Want van gyaru vind ik de haar + make-up erg mooi en ze staan ook gewoon goed in elke stijl, niet alleen in gyaru. ^_^
    En lol @ die funny face foto's van jou, Charlotte en Estherbel! :D

  4. GIRL you are dazzling, whether you're dressed in gyaru clothes or not! I love the new piercing :) looks like you had fun!

  5. what every you wear~ you look super cute!!! n__n love the pic!

  6. Oh pretty! Yes the dark elegant gothic lolita look suits you well, its so nice to still see that style because everyone is just doing OTT sweet nowadays TT Your cute small face matches to every style though!

    Did the piercing hurt??

  7. Love all your outfits! :D
    I would love to be Lolita for a day XD