dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

100th Blogpost! Make-up tutorial~!

Hello dear followers and friends <3
Believe it or not, but this is my 100th blogpost! and at this very moment I have 486 followers, and I want to thank each and everyone of you so much for keeping up with my blogging!

So, to celebrate my 100th blogpost, I decided to finish up my make-up tutorial video, I really hope you all like it, I look like crap in the video I'm aware of that, but I hope this can be helpfull to some gaijin gyarus ^^,

And I made some pictures ofc xD This is the finished look of the tutorial :)

So once again I want to thank all of you for following me, and I hope I will be able to become a better blogger and gyaru :) Upcoming saturday is the Abunai Convention! I'm totally looking forward to it!

I completely forgot! StudioTO has given me another amazing fanart! :D I love their art, and I feel honoured that they made this for me <3

11 opmerkingen:

  1. ZOMGFDGSKJBFGKBJFG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! I really wanted yoou to do a tutorial tehehe <3
    Congrats on your 100th post! ^^

  2. Also, thank you so much for following me >//< It meant so much to me <3

  3. Uwaah really? That's so awhsum >///< I'll try my best to improve on blogging! I need to post better posts lololol D: Aaah no worries about it doll! ^^

    But yeaaah. This tutorial helped a lot <3 I just bought some circle lenses the other day and they'll arrive within a month or something ^^

  4. I don't like the brand essence I have bought one  of their products and I don't like to use it because it look so cheap on me but you are really talented and it doesn't look cheap on you your make up is really good and it prove that even with cheap product people can do great make up bravo lol

  5. Such a lovely tutorial, and very clear ♥ Love the end result!

  6. awww, loved the tutorial! and you must love essence xD idk if you use their nail polish but are they good?

  7. I just love the way you create your make up withcheap cosmetics <3 ! good job, I love the finish look ^^

  8. Proud to be your 486th follower! Congrats on your achievement and nice makeup tutorial.
    Looks gorgeous!

  9. Many congratulations! :D :D

    Aww the art is soooo pretty, how sweet of them to make it :D

  10. Je make-up tutorial is erg leuk! Ik vond hem heel erg duidelijk, zeker ook met die schematische plaatjes van waar je wat moet opsmeren. En ook leuk om eens een tutorial te zien met goedkopere producten, en niet alles van die dure merken zoals Max en Dior en weet ik wat allemaal. :D (en yay, ik heb dezelfde roze blush. :p)
    Je eind resultaat make-up ziet er ook mooi uit! Mij lukt het nooit om zo weinig eyeliner op te smeren. Telkens als ik me het voorneem om een wat lichtere make-up look te doen, van vind ik het met een dun streepje eyeliner niet mooi staan bij mij en ben ik pas tevreden als ik er een kilo heb opgesmeerd. :')

    Je muziekje van op de achtergrond klonk ook lekker!

  11. Ja, maar vreemd genoeg blijven die gals met massa's eyeliner nog steeds gal, en als ik dat doe lijk ik meer goth dan gal. XD