dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

Outfit & Gets~

To keep my blog a bit more alive i decided to update of a very casual outfit~

Very casual outfit, didn't do my hair or anything, but regardless of the fact I keep trying to dress summer-ish, to try and get the sun here, my efforts are useless u_u it keeps raining and raining, and i think this whole summer the sun has only shined for 4 or 5 days xD Makes me pretty sad because I really want the summer back ..

And now on to some gets of today!

 This is my favorite get of the day! When I was in my local drugstore today, they had these amazing curly ponytail clips for only 5 euros a piece! I've been wanting 2 of these for, well, forever! But they were always 15 euros a piece, so if I wanted 2, it would cost me 30 euros, and I was never THAT commited to buy them xD So now they only cost me 10 euros in total! I'm a saleshunter for life xD
 And these cute clips, couldn't resist them!
And a black shirt with a big turtle neck! I've read somewhere that apperantly big turtlenecks are coming in fashion, and other then that I think I saw a top that looked a bit like this at D.I.A., so i needed to have it basically .

So, for all my purchases of today I spend a grand total of only 12,25. I love going into cheap shops, even though a lot of people don't really want to go there because of their 'reputation' or that they feel too good to walk around and their clothes, a lot of the clothes I own are from the really really cheap stores xD
That's it for now~! <3

6 opmerkingen:

  1. My summer has also been like that, few sunny days and almost all the rest where rainy days....:s


  2. You look so cute in that outfit!! <3 and some interesting gets! I love the clips~

  3. great things and nice outfit, but I can understand you. The weather is annoying.

  4. Haha, I'm a saleshunter, too ♥ & I love your outfit~!

  5. I'm definitely loving that outfit! So casual and cute. I should invest in a leopard skirt.

    I want to get two curly pony-tail clips too! The store I want them from sells them for $15 apiece, so I should wait till they're on sale too, ne?

  6. Your outfit is really cute <333 I love the whole color combination ^^