woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Sponsored Review // Landbis Eyeliner Pen

This review is sponsored by my new sponsor; KKcenterHK! They carry a wide variety of items, mostly make-up such as eyeshadows, false lashes, brushes and the like. Please visit their site and check out their awesome products!

The product I got sponsored to review is;LANDBIS Hexagon Liquid Eyeliner– Rich Black

Product description:

Brand New With Original Retail Packing Box
100% Authentic
Special design of the shade like a hexagon classic pencil.
Hexagon outfit more flexible to turn the tip in any angle.
Defines and shades your eyes with rich colour and a silky-smooth.
The ultimate precise, bold line in a rich, deep carbon black shade.
Draw out a perfectly define eyeliner.
Goes on fluidly, in one steady stroke.
Last all day without any flaking, smudging, smearing or streaking

Price: $5.85

Now on to my personal review~ All opinions in this review are my own.
Shipping & Service // 
I want to start of with the fact the shipping was incredibly fast, I had recieved my package within a week! The product was carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and looked really neat when it arrived. (I'm always so excited when I get a package that I forget to take pictures of how it is actually wrapped because before I know it I have allready unpacked the whole thing ..)
For as far as I know their service is also good, they respond very fast, they usually respond back to you within a day and are always very polite.

Looks of the product // 
This product looks like a typical fineliner! I found that very funny cause I could easily confuse it with some of the fineliner I own. On first sight you wouldn't think this is an eyeliner but just a regular pen. The pen has a silver inscription saying: LANDBIS (brand) アイライン(Airain) Eyeliner pen. When you take of the lid you see the product has a very small felt tip. 

Use of the product //
Ofcourse, I couldn't wait to try it out. A lot of gals usually talk about the dollywink eyeliner pen, and even though it had always seem convenient to me, I never wanted to buy it because I thought it was a bit expensive, and ofcourse mostly thought that it was expensive because of the brand and the hype around it and not neccesairily the quality of the product. 
This eyeliner pen from Landbis is really easy to use! Because of the small felt tip you're able to add really precise lines. The product says 'Rich Black' but I'm not too certain about that, because with the first stroke the colour comes over as a bit soft, the black isn't too deep and still a bit transparent. Maybe I'm just too used to having really deep black eyeliner because I always use liquid eyeliner, but if you apply this eyeliner pen for the second time it gives a more deep black colour that really satisfied me.

Picture without false lashes to demonstrate the product.

Durability of the product //
The eyeliner stays on pretty long, but it's definetly not waterproof because you can easily wipe it off. I wouldn't really recommend using it under your eye because i've noticed it fades rather quickly. This isn't the most long lasting product I've ever used, but I think from day to day wear it's very suitable.

Refference picture with lower lashes.                                          Refference picture without lower lashes

Verdict // 
I've read some really bad reviews about this product, but I am pretty pleased with it so far! I don't know how long this eyeliner pen will last, but I hope it will last for quite a long while so I can use it for quick everyday wear~ I personally WOULD recommend this product ^^, And for a reality check; I didn't photoshop any of these pictures. The pictures were taken with flash and manual camera setting.

So thank you for reading~! And tomorrow I'll update with the Gyaru Challenge ^^,

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  1. Im glad that the liner worked for you! I have heard bad things too
    But its nice to know that it works too :)

  2. Haha I got that same eyeliner and it was NOTHING like that. It didn't work at all, it was dried out and the tip was too stiff. Haha I could go on forever saying how much I hate it. But i'm glad it worked out for you! At least you can make the most out of it :) So pretty