donderdag 25 augustus 2011

Whats in the Shops~

Today I went in and out of some stores with Charlie, we were actually just going to the supermarket, but then we got distracted by some cool shops! So I sneakily took some pictures for you all to show some of the awesome things I found!

Some of these jackets will work great for Amekaji I think ^^

These 2 tops had a great D.I.A. feeling for me~

And some more great finds! I loooove the dress with the transsparant leopard bows and those 3 belts are definetly going on my wishlist!

These things definetly look great for the fall trend that's upcoming in the gal world. I see a lot of ethnic / mode themed items in the shops atm, these pictures were taken in the Bershka

And these outfits were too cute for words! I love the schoolgirl vibe of these outfits! <3

 That's it for the short update, I only went into 2 stores, but I did want to share this with you ^^

7 opmerkingen:

  1. okay thankyou so much I'll look it up :D! xxx

  2. at what store you found the school girl outfits :o !? xxxxx

  3. school outfits in foreign store :O that's so awesome!!

  4. I love the 2 pink jackets in the first picture! SO CUTE!

  5. cool clothes - i think japanese trends will come much more early to europe then some years ago. today it's not that difficult to buy clothes here to follow curretn styles in japan :) btw - last weekend i was in amsterdam. it was my first time in the netherlands and it was great :) do you live near amsterdam?

  6. it was a birthday present from my boyfriend. i've never been there before and i really wanted to visit amsterdam because many people told me it's a great city. so we did sightseeing, a canal tour, a bus tour, we walked a lot from the center till the museum area, a little bit shopping - tourist things ^^ i'm really in love with your bershka store!!! they had nice ethono clothes :) i will def. go to amsterdam again, it would be great to meet you or when you got to germany again - maybe i can join this meetup. i really love it to meet girls who are also in love with japan and japanese fashion ^^