maandag 26 september 2011

Birthday Partyyy!

Hiii everyone~! Sorry for neglecting my blog so much but damn school and life are keeping my busy ;n; and honestly, lately I don't really know what to post anymore u.u Aaaaaaanyway, first things first:
I have a new layout and I'm happy with iiiiiiiit! What do you think about it ? :D I really like it ^^,

And now back to the topic of the daaaaay, Saturday we celebrated Charlie's and Juu's birthdays! Unfortunatly we were the only 3 people that were able to make it but still we had a shitload of fun and some quality time! <3
And ofcourse, our party just wasn't a party without: MUSTACHES!

So we had a lot of delicious food, I made a birthday cake and there were nachos with dips and all kinds of tastyness! But since our dear Charlie was too busy with cleaning her house from the party before this one, she  couldn't find the time to do her hair .. so I thought it would be fun if I'd give it a go! :D And I also did Juu's hair because she said her hair could not be styled the way we do and she said to us good luck, from this day on we are still trying to look for somebody that can prove us wrong regarding our hairmake skills u_u

 Aren't they adoreable? <3 I think I could've done a better job if I had more time~ but I think it turned out cute! :)
the 3 of us without a mustache! Don't we look nekkid?

Anyway, last but not least! This was my outfit of the day; 

Over and out for now sweethearts! <3

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I am very jealous of those moustaches!!

  2. Do like!! It must have been lots a fun with the moustaches xD I really like your new layout, it's smexy ;)

  3. You all look amazing!! ♥

  4. The new layout is awesome! Very nice change ^^ And i love the new header <3
    Hahaha! I looove that you all decided to wear mustaches. So much fun! I hope they both had a great birthday ^^

  5. i like your new layout! and your hairmake skills are awesome! come do my hair plz!!

  6. Echt jammer dat ik niet kon komen, want het ziet er heel gezellig uit!
    En lol @ die snorren! XD Wat is eigenlijk het verhaal erachter, waarom nam je die snorren mee? :P