zaterdag 3 september 2011

Gyaru Challenge // Gyaru-o

First of all I want to apologize for slacking so much on the Gyaru Challenge, I've been so busy with the fashion show for the Abunai, but now that it's over, I have some more time for the GC!

This time I was challenge by Juu  to try out Gyaru-o! She proves to look amazing in Gyaru-o even though she's a girl, it suits her so well! This challenge was a bit hard for me because I have a very 'curved' body, and didn't know how to make my face look even remotely manly, but I still gave it a try! I went for a more Host/ Rock look because that is the only Gyaru-o style that appeals to me~ Here are some samples! (taken from the host heaven tumblr)

So now for my try to look like a sexy male! xD

I tried to do a straight down suji, which has proven to be very hard for me to do. In these pictures I pinned away half of my hair towards to back to make it appear shorter. But my hair is too long/ heavy to keep up such a hairdo, which was pretty unfortunate~ If I would've pinned it up and teased it more it wouldve look shorter but also much rounder, and I think that wouldnt really suit a boy style~ I tried wearing loose fitting clothes to 'hide' my curves, but they're not too hideable .. I did really enjoy trying this style! But I'll let Juu do the job and be amazing in boystyle!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I really like your try of gyaru-o, especially the last two pictures! :D
    I still have to try it myself too. ^^ But again, I have too many things on my wishlist-of-things-to-do-and-try already... -__-

  2. haha, you did a good job though ♥ Unfortunately my body is way too curved to enjoy boystyle, 2 T^T

  3. eeeeeeeesh..... not really. stick to more girly styles!!

  4. Wow, so different! Must be a difficult style to try out!
    But I like how you did it ^^